No wonder Singapore is a beautiful city with diverse culture, population, and food. If you are from India, you might be thinking just like what most of the people think. What comes to your mind when you think of visiting Singapore? Tourism, huge shopping malls, and picturesque islands, right? You probably won’t realise some of the exceptional things about Singapore until you make a visit.

How many of these usual things you already know?

  1. Singaporeans don’t just run on Tourism; it has other businesses too.

    Skyscrapers in financial district of Singapore

We all know that tourism is one of the biggest revenue generating industries. We cannot deny the fact how Singapore’s diverse culture of Chinese, Malay, and Indian attracts lots of tourists. But does that mean Singapore relies solely on tourism? No way.

With city-state’s unparalleled global connectivity, Singapore has got some of the best IT hubs to attract global players. Medical Technology is yet another industry that’s booming recently. Creative industries, financial technology, retail, and education are other money-makers which you may not be aware of.

  1. Singapore does not only sell cheap things, check out their hugest malls

    The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Gone are the days where your father gifted you nice little Singapore toys in your childhood. You will be surprised to know that Singapore has a lot of malls just for luxury items.

If you’ve been thinking that you can buy world-class brands only in US or UK, get yourself updated. With high-class luxury malls like The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City, and Ion Orchard, your search for cheap goods may fail.

  1. Love beaches? It’s all man-made

For all the nature enthusiasts, though Singapore is offering plenty of beaches, remember one thing – it’s man-made.

Singapore has been conquering Asia sand by sand, literally. Don’t be shocked to hear the fact that Singapore has been accused of importing too much sand from Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

As a famous tourist destination giving a pleasant experience for travellers is important. Surprisingly, you will not even realise it when you visit a beach that bought sand.

  1. Singapore celebrates racial harmony?

    racial harmony singaporePhotograph by Jazzfrey Loek

We all know that Singapore has three major racial groups such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and others. You must know that fact that this city-state proudly celebrates “Racial Harmony”.

With all due respect to the Singapore’s diverse culture, racial harmony sounds a little unrealistic. Chinese dominates three-fourth of the population and you will not be surprised to see some jobs that require applicants to be bilingual, meaning English and Mandarin. It’s no surprise to see few property ads that say Indian tenants need not apply.

  1. An instant energising fruit – Durian (Some hate it)

    Singapore's DurianPhotograph by tyler roberts

Being a seasonal fruit, Durian fruit has lots of health benefits and has been used in various dishes and ice creams in Singapore.

If you happen to visit Singapore from June to August, you’ll surprisingly see these fruits sold in the streets. Its unusual flavour has appreciations and also strong dislikes from many.

You may be shocked to know that Durians are not allowed in the Singapore Subway.

  1. Singapore is the world’s second most free economy (after Hong Kong)

    Singapore is the world's second most free economy

Though Singapore is generating revenue with the Tourism, increasing IT and Medical technologies, people are still happy as they are not being burdened with heavy taxes.

Singapore is one of the world’s prosperous place ranking 25 in the standard of living. Wondering what the unemployment rate is? Unexpectedly, it’s only about 2 percent.

With low taxes and business-friendly environment, Singapore is a preferred destination for investors around the globe.

  1. Does Singlish take over English?

    Speak Good English Movement

Despite Government’s effort, kids in Singapore seem to like the colloquial English of Singapore. You may think Singlish is just a slag; it actually has become another language that kids and teens love.

Do you know that Singlish is discouraged in schools and mass media? Yes, it is. Parents get worked out when they hear their kids speak Singlish. You’ll be surprised to know that the Government even launched “Speak Good English Movement”.  Funny, isn’t it?

  1. People assume Indians to be Tamilians?

    People assume Indians to be TamiliansPhotograph by Jill Arce

We all know that Singapore has a good Indian population apart from Chinese and Malay. You will not be amazed to find Singapore as a mini-South-India which a good chunk of Tamil speaking population.

Sadly, Singaporeans don’t seem to differentiate this from the bigger group. If you’re an Indian and visit Singapore, don’t be offended if someone asks if you are a Tamilian. Unfortunately, you will have to live with it.

  1. Singapore’s delicious continental and bizarre food dishes

    Crocodile Paws

Barring the delicious continental food dishes, do you know that some restaurants in Singapore serve whacky food?

Live octopus (popular Korean dish known as Sananakji), Crocodile paws (even the crocodile claws are in the dish), fried fallopian tubes, raw beef topped up with egg yolk, goose web, and pig’s brain soup are a few weird food that you can get in Singapore.

Singapore has not only got people from various parts of Asia, but also all sorts of traditional Asian foods.

  1. Singapore is one of most expensive cities


Singapore has once again retained the title as the world’s most expensive city. Does it mean everything is expensive including the cost of living? Not necessarily. In fact, Singapore offers very affordable prices on personal care, household goods and domestic items.

If you use public transport, it’s very cheap. If you hire an Uber, it’s going to cost you more. Don’t even think of buying a car in Singapore. Groceries, food, and clothing will be on the expensive items list.

So, if you are planning for a Singapore vacation, you don’t have to panic too much about pricey stuff; you will find economical options as well.

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