15 things Indians don’t believe till they visit Dubai

      A city that was just a desert 30 years ago, with its local riding camels for commuting, it sure has come a long way. Home to some of the largest and tallest buildings in the world, the picture of Dubai is that of one modern, glorified city.

      But that’s not the real Dubai. Under the façade of the city lights, there’s another side to Dubai which not are not aware of.  A few of these have been listed here:

1. Poor get poorer:


    Which part of the world hasn’t been hit and affected by recession? Be it First World countries or Third World, at some point or the other, the world has been hit by recession and the rich and the poor have been affected by it equally. But not in Dubai. In Dubai, it is only the poor who got majorly affected by recession. While the expats tried fleeing the country, the condition of the labor class became deplorable. With no food, electricity and wages, the recession robbed them of a life.

2. No laws for labor:


      Every country follows labor laws and while there are some countries like in the Middle East and South America, even North Korea, a country like Dubai is expected to be more fair towards its labor class. But that’s where the rude shock sets in, when you come to know that labor laws are non-existent in Dubai. To the extent, when labors land at the Dubai airport, their passports are seized and they live in the squalid work camps, with barely earning over a hundred dollars a month. They have to work 14 hours a day in the scorching summer heat of over 50 degrees, when the rest of the nation and foreign tourists are advised to not venture out in the heat.

3. Blind eye to sale of women:


      Laws against sex outside marriage or PDAs are very strict in Dubai, lending people in the jail many a times; it is expected to have the same strict laws when it comes to prostitution. But the truth is, it is a place where prostitution and sale of women is rampant. Hotels and clubs in Dubai are filled with sex workers from all over the world. Girls are even encouraged to enter into prostitution with perks such as free food and drinks. And the Dubai police, known to be one of the best in the world turn a blind eye.

4. Major accident hub:


      It is true that the local roads of Dubai are no less than grand Prix race circuits. Each car, more costly and faster than the other, the speeds are also that high. And that’s what makes Dubai a hotbed of maximum road accidents in the world. Not only that, what’s strange is that if you are a witness to the car accident, chances are you could be blamed for causing the accident and worse, if you happen to touch any person who died in the accident, you are arrested and charged as the cause of their death! Bizarre!

5. Graveyard for luxury:


        Dubai is a dump yard or if you may want to call it, a graveyard for luxury cars. It is a known fact there that any one going through a financial crunch or debt and is planning to flee the country, will just dump his luxury car in this graveyard. Not only this, when planning to buy a new car, the rich just dump their old luxury car here, instead of going through the hassle of selling the old one!

6. Disregard for nature:



        As modern it may seem, Dubai has little regard for Mother Nature and environmental and global warming issues the world is facing. Water for residents in Dubai is desalinated from the sea and just enough water is stored for a week’s supply. The process of desalination emits toxins and carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the nature and increases global warming.

7. Get punished for being raped:



While a lot of debate is going around in the world regarding women’s rights and feminism and how rape is a crime and the offender should be punished severely, so women can feel safe out there, Dubai sees it with a different lens. If a foreign tourist or local or expat is raped, it is the victim that is found guilty and charged! The offender scots off free!

8. No freedom to express:


        Freedom of Speech is limited to just a law in the Constitution of UAE. The truth is, the government yields excessive power and control over journalists and doesn’t think as much once before putting them behind bars! Local and publications are restricted from publishing without the government’s permission and are even banned. Most of the media house are owned or run in close association with the government. Hence, the chances are they ll rarely, if ever, criticize the government.

9. Dictatorship:


      The government is the final word in Dubai and a large part of the government is formed by the royal family of Dubai. But according to history, the family comes from piracy and these families used to rule the Persian Coast. A peace treaty was signed and since then the family has been ruling Dubai. No election, no legislative institutions. Only dictatorship!

10. High on discrimination:


     Dubai is one place that’s modern on the outside but has beliefs that are just the opposite. For a city that’s made up 85% of immigrants, racism runs high here. Whether a white collared employee or blue collar laborers. South Asians are treated worse than second class citizens. An Arab or a white at a same position or doing the same can expect twice the pay as South Asians!

11. NO Extra or Pre-Marital:


       Not only is PDA illegal but any act or pre-marital or same-gender sex is a punishable offence in Dubai. If a married woman reports being raped, she is punished for having sex outside the marriage!

12. Watch out for debt:


       Going bankrupt in again punishable in Dubai, that can earn you jail time of months or probably a few years. If you are on the border of bankruptcy or miss a few payments, bank accounts are frozen and passports seized and you cant leave the country.

13. Don’t Swear:


       Swearing is a punishable crime in Dubai. So much so as saying ‘god damn it’ or using the F-word could land you in trouble.

14. No drugs:


       The city is not towards drug dealers or junkies either. You cant as much step out tipsy of a bar or your home. If caught, you know what this means!

15. No nudity:


       Women cannot go out wearing short, tight or low-cut dresses or body hugging dresses either. No nudity is allowed and it hold true for men as well. They are to keep their shirts on when at the beach or jogging. Now that’s strange, isn’t it!?

       As shocking or surprising these facts might seem to you, every place has its own culture and outlook, which should be kept in mind. But the focus should not move away from what makes that place beautiful.

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