It is no hidden secret that Thailand is one of the most visited and popular places among backpackers and solo travelers. Surprisingly, Thailand can offer both natural treasures and its man-made architectural wonders to the tourists. Thailand is also one of the country that offers tourist almost everything. From splendid beaches on the Southern Islands to exquisite landscapes on the North, this place is worldwide known for its rich culture and tradition. Oh, talking about Thailand, lets not forget the never-ending wild parties of this place.

Things You Must Know Before You Visit Thailand

But when you visit a new place, there are few things that you must know to make your trip smooth and hassle free. So before you make a mistake on your Thailand trip and get yourself in trouble. Below we are listing 15 Top things about Thailand that you must know before you visit the place:

  1. Beware of Scammers : Beware of Scammers in thailand

    It is the first and the foremost thing that you must know about the place, scammers are everywhere in Thailand. In fact, it is a well developed network, that works around for ages. Also avoid buying anything from people selling on the streets as they will sell you the jewelries and other items at “exclusive” prices. From tuk-tuk drivers to street vendors, you will come across lots of people who will charge more than necessary.

  2. The place is Hot:thailand is hot

    Yes, Thailand is a hot place and April is the hottest month in Thailand. So never plan your trip in April. As the climate is usually tropical, hot and humid, it is best to carry some cotton clothes and light clothes that can allow your body to breathe. All those people who afraid tanning should carry long pants and full sleeve shirts to protect their body from sun rays. Also, don’t forget to carry sun hat and sun protection. Carrying umbrella is another good option to consider to avoid tanning your skin.

  3. Dress decently for Temples :dress decently for temples in Thailand

    As we all know Thailand is a land of majestic temples and one cannot miss visiting these historic and ancient temples. So while making your visits to these temples, make sure you are fully covered and also don’t forget to remove your shoes outside the temple. Also prepare yourself to remove shoes again and again as you might have to visit a lot of temples.

  4. Pick a hotel close to the public transport :Pick a hotel close to the public transport in thailand

    We often come across tourists who pick their hotels in the outer region and then suffer due to the unavailability of the public transport. So next time you visit Thailand, stay close to the MRT and BTS, so that you can easily move across the city using cheap and affordable public transport. Also remember hiring cabs and boat taxis can be really expensive and can dig a hole in your pocket.

  5. Bargain as much as you can :bargain as much as you can in thailand

    Yes, for all those people who shy away from bargaining and don’t know how to negotiate while buying things, should learn bargaining before their visit to Thailand. From street shopping to taxis, there is a scope of negotiation almost everywhere in Thailand. In fact, you can also save lots of bucks while shopping in Thailand by over bargaining for the items; after all who wouldn’t mind shopping under a budget.

  6. Bring Your suitcase empty :bring your suitcase empty to thailand

    Whether you believe it or not, but there is no place better than the Bangkok in Thailand for shopping. All the items are easily available here and that too at a very low cost. Be it a apparels, electronics, accessories, jewelries, or branded bags, you just name it and you will get it here at a very cheap price. But what you need to keep in mind is that, Thailand is a land of petite people, so if you have size issues or wear bigger size clothes, then chances are that you might not get the exact size you are looking for. But Thailand is truly the best place for all those people who are looking for the best shopping destination.

  7. Not everyone speaks English : not everyone speaks english

    This might surprise you, but while roaming around in Thailand, you will come across plenty of people who only understand their local language and are not much fluent in English. So it is better that you learn some basics of the Thai Language and a few words that can help you interact with the locals. Like how to ask for the directions in Thai. Also, be kind and humble to people you come across on the streets of Thailand.

  8. Avoid using the tap water too much: Avoid using the tap water too much in thailand

    This is another vital factor that you must keep in mind while roaming on the streets of Thailand. Under any cost, do not drink the tap water as it can cause some serious problems to your health and can deteriorate your health in the long term. So whether you are roaming on a street or staying in the hotel, keep a big mineral water bottle with you wherever you go. But you can use the tap water for regular activities like bathing and brushing teeth.

  9. Never touch anyone in the head : dont touch anyone's head in thailand

    Not many people know this, but the head is considered the most sacred part of the body, and the feet are of less importance in Thailand. So never touch anyone in the head at any cost and also avoid pointing towards anyone with the feet. Both of these acts are considered disrespectful.

  10. Don’t Criticize the Monarchy : dont criticise Thai monarchy

    Last but not the least, under any circumstances do not criticize the monarchy as it is illegal and doing so can lead you in a lot of trouble. King Rama IX is ruling the nation for around 70 years now and he is immensely loved and respected by the citizens of Thailand.

  11. Do the Wai : 

    Yes, this is how you greet people in Thailand. So whenever you feel like greeting people, just join your hand and bow slightly. The Thai people love when tourists use their custom and tradition to greet them.

  12. Bring earplugs or buy one : bring earplugs or buy one

    As we all know, Thailand is a very noisy country, especially when you visit a street in Bangkok called Khao San Road. Even if you are spending your time partying in Thailand, there will be times when you will feel like sitting in peace and listening some music.

  13. The real name of Bangkok : the real name of bangkok

    This is the most interesting fact about Bangkok. The real name of Bangkok is not what you think. The real name is “KrungThepMahaNakhonAmonRattanakosinMahintharaAyutthayaMahadilokPhopNoppharatRatchathaniBuriromUdomRatchaniwetMahasathanAmonPhimanAwatan SathitSakkathattiyaWitsanuKamprasit.” Yes the longest in the world.

  14. Best Healthcare system : best healthcare system

    This place might be popular for its vibrant nightlife and ancient temples, but the place also has the best health care system. So whenever you visit Thailand, do not forget to use its health care facilities, if needed.

  15. Wear sandals or flip-flops : wear sandals or flip flops

    You must be wondering why we are suggesting you to wear sandal and flip-flops on your trip, but as Thailand is the land of uncountable temples, you might need to remove your shoes many times and wearing flip- flops can save you from the trouble.

So for all those people who are planning to visit Thailand from India anytime soon, should keep all these above mentioned factors in mind to keep their trip absolutely relaxed, refreshing and hassle free.

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