There is lot of things you can indulge at Bora Bora apart from relaxing and enjoying at a lavish resort. Bora Bora is the best honeymoon destination on the planet. It is 26 Km NW of Tahiti. Most people see Bora Bora tour package brochures blue in color and think whether this Blue Island is ideal for honeymoon or vacation. When you reach the island, you will feel stunned to see its exquisite beauty.

Some couples visiting Bora Bora spend their honeymoon vacation by simply gazing into each other’s eyes, enjoy the sunsets and relax in their report. Bora Bora is considered as a valuable trinket of French Polynesia. It tempts the couples to come out of their overwater resort and explore.

Swim with sharks:

Swim with sharks
Swimming with sharks is one of the biggest adventurous activities on Bora Bora. You can book full day tours either by contacting your travel agent or hotel activities desk. It includes falling from a brace canoe into a group of mound sharks. It does not nibble on humans. It has black tipped fins that look like off-putting. You can see large and gigantic sharks loitering in the main pond.
The cost of the tours is affordable. It includes following down a fervor of stingrays. Most Australians would feel hesitant when standing in surface water as rays follow their legs. The locals actively interact with fish. They would even lift some large fishes from the water.

Lunch will be served in a private space. The lunch spread is hearty with barbecued meats and seafood, salad, fruit and rice set on a large table laid with gardenia, hibiscus and palm leaves. Pinch yourself if you think it is like your dream come true.
Some crew and boat drivers will be musical. They play your favorite songs and make the entire day as perfect as possible. At the end of the day, they will drop you back at your cozy nest.

Go overland:

Go overland
Come out of the lagoon to discover rugged tropical interior of the Bora Bora. It is best to sign up for four wheel drive that is open at top. You will be finding yourself smiling as the driver takes you along every pothole near the peak of two craggy mountains – Pahia and Otemanu. Both dominates the skyline. You can review the lagoon colors from this spot. The settlements around shoreline of main island and darker descriptions of the ocean outside are homes to almost nine thousand people.
American forces were settled in Bora Bora between 1942 and 1946. You can see several cannon remaining in the forest. If needed, you can ask your driver to take you for a visit.

It is sure the same driver would help you in whipping out a machete in Crocodile Dundee-style, dice and slice mango, pomelo and pineapple and serve you in banana leaf. As you are touring the island, you have to look out for playing fields. The locals of Bora Bora engage in their favorite sport- Javelin throwing. They would aim to spear coconuts elevated nine meters high.
There are several overwater bungalows and resorts on motus apart from the main island. Ensure to take signature dishes like wahoo teriyaki and grilled mahi-mahi along with vanilla sauce during your Bora Bora trip.
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