Are you thinking for a hill station trip or wish to escape from the regular city life? Packing for our trip is a very essential thing to do. What to pack and what not to pack is a very important question before traveling. It is important to pack everything that you might need or everything that crosses your mind as it is difficult to get things immediately. Here is the list of important things that should definitely be carried while traveling to a hill station.

Things To Carry While Travelling To Hill Station

1. Woolens

Packing woolen clothes is a must when you are traveling to a hill station. It will keep you warm but make sure to not to go overboard and pack too much. Carrying too much of weight is a strict ‘no’ but definitely carry certain essentials. Good quality jackets or coats is a must or else you can consider fancy pullovers or sweaters. Bodywarmers are essential if you are traveling in winters along with gloves, socks and mufflers, mostly two sets of each. In summers just a fleece or down jacket will do.

2. Good pair of shoes

Carrying a good pair of shoes is a must which will be essential for both snow walking as well as hill climbing. Sometimes too much walking would be involved in the trip, so a good pair of shoes is very important. Heels and loafers are of no use when you are going to the hill station. Carry a slip-proof slipper which you can wear in the hotel as well as in outdoor and indoor both.

3. Napkins

Carrying extra napkins are very important. They are life savers when you travel to the hill stations. Running nose is a common problem while traveling to the hill station. Though you want to stay away from infections and keep your hands clean, it is hard to find water in all public areas. It is better to hold napkins for managing the running nose.

4. Chocolates

Chocolates tend to warm you instantly. Not only do they settle your sugar cravings but gives you a lot of energy. When you need to charge up for climbing a mountain which is an exhausting task, chocolates help a lot. It will always keep you energized. It can be consumed very easily and is yummy and easy to carry even in the restrictive cold.

5. Cream or moisturizer

It is a must thing to carry especially when you are traveling to a cold place. Weather in these places is usually very dry and cold or very moist. A sunscreen and a cold moisturizing cream is a high requirement. Taking good care of your skin in cold weather is very necessary. So winter creams are a must.

6. Thermal water bottle

It is always better to carry a thermal sipper of your own along with the luggage. It keeps you hydrated when you are traveling or hiking or on a trailer. The thermal bottle should be filled with any kind of hot beverage or water and is very necessary to keep drinking. A leak-proof and light bottle is good and it should keep the water warm for a long time.

7. Medicines

Carrying medicines to fight cold is a great requirement over here. But the immune system might give up in this dry condition. Keeping the basic medicines handy is a great decision in the snow and the rain. Carrying medicines to fight back vomiting is also a wise decision just in case you have a motion sickness. Going up and down on a hill might create it.

8. Umbrella

To beat the rainfall or the snowfall, an umbrella will be of a great help. The picture-perfect holidays can get completely ruined because of these unnecessary guests. A lightweight multi fold umbrella can be of a good choice if you are not willing to carrying a huge umbrella. It remains hard and heavy to carry to all places.

9. Cash

Carrying cash is always better when you are traveling to a hill station as ATMs are not always accessible everywhere amidst the hills. During peak seasons, the ATMs might be very crowded. So to skip the queue, it’s better to carry enough cash. Street shopping or paying the vendors is always easy with cash.

10. Power bank

You will not be able to charge your phones anywhere and everywhere possible since you will be traveling or walking most of the time. Moreover, the phone networks are low while going uphill and it consumes more charge. Be it clicking pictures or playing songs, your phone will always be in use. With a power bank, you will not have to worry about the charge.

11. Deodorant and Dry Shampoo

If you want to stay away from water in the cold weather, this is a perfect choice for you. One should carry deodorant to smell fresh and it’s a shortcut if we want to stay away from it. It is very helpful especially if you are skipping shower. Dry shampoo helps in greasing out the dirt from your hair without wetting it. So it will help you in looking great and leave your hair bouncy and shiny.

12. Baby Essentials

If you are traveling with a kid or baby, it’s best to carry extra wipes and diapers as they are not easily available everywhere in hill stations. The prices might be high or you might not find a suitable brand. Carrying sufficient amount of baby food and snacks is always a good idea while traveling to hill stations.

13. Lip balm

Dryness is very common in hilly places. It usually leaves your lips dry and with cracks. Carrying a lip balm always helps to prevent dryness and it leaves your lips smooth and moisturized. It is a very small thing, very handy and can be carried easily anywhere.

14. Leather jackets

A good leather jacket looks effortlessly stylish and it will keep you very warm indeed. It adds a fashion quotient and is also an absolute essential in the cold weather of the hill station.

15. Winter boots

A sturdy pair of winter boots will help you while trekking, hiking and for long walks. It is very comfortable and if you visit snowy places, carrying a snow boot is a very wise decision as they aren’t slippery at all. If you don’t have them, you can rent them from local vendors.

Apart from the above-mentioned list, ensure to carry camera, sunglasses, and backpack. If you stick to this list when traveling to a hill station, you can surely enjoy the trip and remain carefree. The desire to travel is the most positive symptoms of life. Ensure to stick on that desire. Never keep yourself busy by making arrangements in the last minute of your trip. If you do so, you would miss the real fun of traveling. Always remember, less is abundant and ample is most.

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