After hours and hours of deep research, we have shortlisted 18 things you should definitely do in your Hong Kong trip for 3 days. It is well known that Hong Kong is encumbered with new experiences, lots of bucket list checks and explicit amount of eerie food.  If you have planned Hong Kong trip for 3 or more days, then you would surely find this blog useful.

Day 1- Don’t miss out the adventure in Kowloon

1. Visit the Hong Kong Museum

It is the best place to explore the Asian hub. The entire city’s fascinating and unique past is highlighted in this museum. The social history of Hong Kong is reflected in this museum. The ethnographical information and the natural history of Hong Kong is something that should be seen in this museum. It takes you beautifully in a walk of the past. The archaeology and the interior of the museum is something worth noticing. It gives you an interesting peek into ancient Hong Kong and all its development in all these years.

2. Relax at the Kowloon Park

The Kowloon Park is the perfect place where you can just relax or take a stroll all around the place. It is a cool and windy place where you can escape from the unusual heat of the city. There is also a beautiful swimming pool inside the park itself. You can just sit beside the pool or can even take a dive into it. There are many small ponds too. The Chinese Garden is another major attraction in the Kowloon Park. The aviary has a huge number of birds in the garden. It is a beautiful place to visit in Hong Kong.

3. Explore the panoramic Hong Kong

Sky 100 is the perfect place where you can explore the gorgeous and panoramic views of Hong Kong. From here you can get a 360-degree view of the entire place. The world famous skyline of Hong Kong can be viewed from here. You can even see the breath-taking Victoria harbor from here. These spectacular views of Hong Kong should be definitely enjoyed during your trip.

4. Shop at Mong Kok

It is a great place where you can buy several things. It is a buzzing and lively market. The Temple Street Night Market and the Ladies Market are the major places to shop. It highlights the true culture and you will get many articles that are related to Hong Kong. The place has a charming vibe of its own. The culture of Hong Kong has been epitomized greatly over here. There are many crowded stalls from where you can buy a number of inexpensive items. You can even get many souvenirs for your family and friends. The sound and sights over here are addictive to shoppers.

5. Visit Harbour City

It is the largest upscale mega mall in Hong Kong. The size of the hall and the exclusive collections are a sure treat for the shoppers. There are many restaurants and a number of attractions for the shopping addicts. There are a huge number of fashion boutiques over here. You will find international brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton. The entire scale of the mall will overwhelm you. This large mall will spoil you completely during your vacation.

6. Visit the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront

This place is popular for its breathtaking scenic beauty. The marvelous views of the Avenue of Stars is a major attraction among the tourists. The Victoria Harbour just looks out of the world from here. It has a fabulous walkway which make in adaptation to the most popular walkway of Los Angeles. The walk of fame is the inspiration for it fabulous walkway. You can find many autographs, statues and handprints of many popular celebrities over here. The iconic skyline of Hong Kong can also be viewed from here.

7. Enjoy the lights in Avenue of Stars

It is the best way to end your first day in Hong Kong. The world-famous Symphony of Lights can be witnessed over here. This light and sound show lasts for 15 minutes. This site leaves you in amazement. It is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest light and sound show. The fireworks and the flashy lasers just steal the show. This is the best thing to witness in Hong Kong at night. It is a permanent show that takes every night. It is a delightful spectacle that woos your eyes in 15 minutes.

Day 2 – A beautiful journey to the Lantau Island

8. The Ngong Ping ride

It is a must thing to try in Hong Kong. It is a cable car ride that gives you the most exciting experience in Hong Kong. You can even go to Lantau Island by the cable car. It shows you Hong Kong from varied Hong Kong which looks lovely from the top. The scenery all around will sweep you off the feet and it is the most striking experience that you can have in Hong Kong. It is a really cool way to reach Lantau Island.

9. Visit the Giant Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha or the giant Buddha is a sacred site in Hong Kong and it is visited by many every year. It was built in the year 1993. This bronze statue is of the height of 34 meters. The Po Lin monastery, as well as the island, are major attractions in Hong Kong. You can even get the spectacular views of Hong Kong from here. The Po Lin Monastery became famous because of this statue. It is not only visited by the devotees but also by non-devotees because of the beauty of the place. The surrounding islands look great from this height.

10. Explore the Inspiration Lake

The Inspiration Lake is a great place to unwind. Here you can take a stroll all around the lake or can just sit beside the lake. It is also a perfect spot for a picnic. The peace and tranquility of the place are worth feeling. The stunning beauty of the place attracts many tourists to this lake. There are also many recreational activities for you to take part in. The activities are for everyone so you can visit this lake with your family and friends too. After hopping around all the places of sightseeing you can just visit the lake and relax for a while before indulging in another set of sightseeing.

11. Hong Kong Disneyland

it is the perfect way to revisit your childhood. There are many rides and attractions not only for the kids but also for the adults. It is the most magical journey that you can get involved in Hong Kong. You can spend the entire afternoon and evening there as there are many activities. Revisit the fairy tales, the various cartoon, and Disney characters and enjoy with whoever you like the most. The park is themed in varied enchanting characters that have a charm of their own. You can just pick your own theme and just enjoy them. It is a great way to spend your time in Hong Kong and most of all everyone will just love it.

12. Spa treatment

Wow! It a great way to end your day with a soothing spa treatment. Hong Kong is filled with spas where you can just go and pamper yourself. It is the best way to rejuvenate yourself and feel refreshed. It is the most relaxing experience that you can have in Hong Kong. Mira spa and I spa are the most popular ones in Hong Kong.

Day 3- Explore the delights in the islands of Hong Kong

13. Ride the Peak Tram

The most awesome destination in Hong Kong is the Victoria Peak. Just visiting the peak, is the most spellbinding experience that you can ever have in Hong Kong. This is a funicular ride. On this ride, you get to see the 180-degree view of the entire place. You can see the Victoria harbor and the surrounding hills over here. The skyscrapers all around make it even more breathtaking. This is an extraordinary ride. After the ride, you can choose a spot and explore the views over there. The Sky terrace 428 is the perfect place and also the highest point there from where you can explore the entire place. You can get 360 degrees view of the surrounding place.

14. Take the joyride

This is the best joyride to be enjoy in Hong Kong. The Central mid-level escalator provides you the best joyride. It is the longest escalator system in the whole world. It is a covered escalator system and it is an exciting thing to do in Hong Kong and also a unique thing to do. You will not get to do this anywhere else. The views all around is another major attraction of this ride. So when in Hong Kong you should definitely take this ride.

15. Explore the Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road is a dynamic road in Hong Kong for all the reasons. You can just stroll around the street and you won’t realize how time just flies away. There’s a lot to see on this street. The major attraction here is the designer stores. You will get ample of designer stores over here. The contemporary art galleries have a unique collection of art here. You can just spend your time looking at them and if you are an art lover you can even purchase a few. The antique shops have a huge collection of antiques and souvenirs to choose from.

16. Visit the Man Mo Temple

It is a beautiful temple in Hong Kong. Moreover, it is not just beautiful it is also the oldest temple in Hong Kong. It considers to be a very sacred temple by many and visits by a large number of devotees and tourists every year. It is a serene place with beautiful sights all around. You can always get the smell of burning incense here which creates a sweet aroma all around the place. The entire atmosphere has a calmness of its own. This temple is very popular among the tourists.

17. Shop at Sheung Wan

It is a great place where you can buy various traditional Chinese items. It is located in the old Hong Kong where you can explore not only the souvenirs but also culturally rich. Here you can even find many elegant and hip articles. Chinese medicines and antiques are also found here. From this part of Hong Kong, you can buy many extraordinary items which are not found in other parts of Hong Kong. All Chinese traditional business centers have their shops here from where you can buy whatever pleases you.

18. Experience the Nightlife

There are many clubs and night bars in Hong Kong which makes the most exciting nightspots for youngsters. The nights are kind of wild over here. The entire place gets crowd at night fills with tourists as well as localities. Although it is a great place to hang out at night, you should choose your crowd wisely. Here you get to witness the wild side of Hong Kong with loads of party animals. You can even manage to get free shots over here.

We are sure that you will enjoy this three days Hong Kong trip with the above-mentioned itinerary. If you wish to make changes or customize your Hong Kong tour package, please contact

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