17 Most Amazing Things to Do in Koh Samui

When we speak of Thailand, what instantly comes to mind are their iconic temples and Pagodas, iconic beaches and a vibrant cultural experience! Thailand may seem overrated for most of the traveler’s bucket destinations, but it has well preserved its best secrets.

Koh Samui Islands is among one of those secrets that unfolds itself with time. It is not for all, but for those who take that extra mile to explore its exotica. Here are listed top 17 Koh Samui Island tourist Attraction.

About Koh Samui Islands:

Tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui appears like a tiny speck in the vast archipelago of the Thai territory. Surrounded from all sides with the sea waters, Koh Samui is an ideal island escape for adventurers, solo travelers and couples alike. Koh Samui has been gradually gaining popularity as a tourist destination due to its virgin beaches, rich marine life, iconic Pagodas and Temples, water sports activities and cultural extravagance.

  • Snorkel at the Koh Nang Yuan / Koh Tao Islets snorkel in Koh Nang Yuan

Koh Samui Island is a perfect destination for your wanderlust. If that is one of your plans on your checklist, then hop in on the speedboat to explore the numerous small islets on the island. Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao islets offer the crystal clear underwater views of the coral reef. Halt midway on the sea and take a dip in the transparent blue waters. Swim through the multitude of tiny island fishes and experience the myriad color combinations of the coral reefs. Hey! And do not forget to take back that souvenir picture back home!

  • Experience the preserved beauty of Ang Thong National ParkAng Thong National Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a collection of 42 serendipitous islets riddled with an endless stretch of picturesque and calm ocean views. These secluded islets are dotted with never explored beaches, rugged cliffs, tropical landscapes, natural limestone caves and a diverse preserved marine life. Only two of the islets – Koh Wua Talap and Koh Paluay are accessible for tourists. The islet forests are filled with rare bird species such as the herons and hornbills. If you are lucky, you can bump onto the dolphins and whales at the shallow waters.

  • Raise a romantic toast over the sunset dinner cruisesunnet dinner cruise in koh samui

Your island journey is surely incomplete without that much awaited romantic escape. Nothing can make it even better than an amber sunset on the backdrop and a toast in the hand. Leave the shores and set on course further towards the Gulf of Thailand for a memorable sunset dinner cruise overlooking the islands from a distance. Entice your taste buds with the delectable local cuisines and raise a toast to the vivid setting sun, as it bids a silent good bye from the horizon.

  • Go on a gastronomic local culinary trail Go on a gastronomic local culinary trail

If you are among those with taste buds of a foodie, craving for a culinary wanderlust, then you are at the right place, as Thailand will never disappoint you; Koh Samui is no different when it comes to satisfying your food cravings. Join the local cooking tour on the island itself and learn how to make mouth-watering local recipes starting from selection of the vegetables and spices from the Bophut fresh market till the first serving on your plate.

  • Say cheers with the beerskoh samui brew beer

Love the beer burps? Why not find out from the horse’s mouth instead how they make you get one? Escape to the Surat Thani area, where they engage you in the art of brewing beer in one of the beer breweries. Taste the local rum, Thai wines, cocktail mixes and ales served with the local cuisine for luncheon; an experience you are sure to reiterate back home. P.S: Strictly for adults

  • Capture the cultural secrets of Koh Samui with a photography trailphotographer's paradise - koh samui

If photography is a passion that enthralls you, then Koh Samui Island will keep you engaged all day long. Capture the tranquil and soulful moments of the pristine beaches, the golden sunsets, turquoise waters, and the spectacular marine life.

  • Relax and Rejuvenate with the exotic Spa Treatmentsspa treatments in koh smaui

The island forms an ideal place to seek inner peace. While you walk the lengths and breadths of the exotic Koh Samui Islands, and looking for a relaxing break to recharge yourself, then indulge yourself in a selection of traditional Thai and aromatic treatments and get yourself back in place for the rest of your island exploration.

  • Escape on a Jungle Safari on the ATVsjungle safari atv

Looking for more adventurous ways to explore Koh Samui? Then hop on for an exciting ATV ride on the island. The ATV Tours run twice daily, and is approximately 1 hr to 2 hr drive along select trails on the island. This two hour journey takes you through scenic thick jungles, lush waterfalls and iconic stretches of the island. The tours also include a pre training session on the ATVs before your gear yourself up for the challenge.

  • Go for professional deep diving in Koh Tao deep diving in koh samui

Push yourself an inch further in sea -exploration by challenging yourself with the deep sea diving. The Discover Scuba Diving Program introduces beginners with the basic safety concepts and gets a hands-on experience of the Scuba Diving equipment. The Scuba Diving sessions are early morning tours that head you to the Koh Tao islet or the Sail Boat, approximately one and a half hours drive on speed boat after a quick introductory session.

  • Lie down and relax on the Golden Sands of Lamai Beach golden sands of lamai

Lamai Beach is among the most impressive beaches on the Koh Samui archipelago. Located on the southern stretches of the island, the Lamai beach is lesser crowded than the other beaches and is ideal for a romantic escape. If you are one of those who want to get away from the crowd and remain unfound, then Lamai beach is the one for sure you must consider. Take a romantic dip with your partner on those shallow beaches that are ideal for year the round swimming. One of the best places to look for sea-view resorts.

  • Meet the ancients at the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks grandfather grandmother rocks- koh damui

Walk further ahead of the Lamai beach and find yourself on the intriguing Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks – or the Hin Yai and Hin Ta. These are natural protruded rocks on the beach and are controversially famous for their resemblance to the male and female genitalia. On high tides, the natural crevasses within the rocks form spectacular rock pools.

  • Tuck yourself away in the secluded Aow Leuk Beach Tuck yourself away in the secluded Aow Leuk Beach

In the series of the virgin and secluded beaches, another name that is famous on the Koh Samui island is the Aow Leuk Beach. Located South East of the island, Aow Leuk is a little difficult to approach and hence, remains untouched by the regular travelers. This 200 meters stretch of the island is lined with powdery white sands and crystal clear waters. The site remains protected and due to shallow waters is ideal for snorkeling and diving. It is also famous for the luminous butterfly fishes, blue angelfish and the parrotfishes.  Due to its isolation, there are limited restaurants and places to stay on this part of the island.

  • Meet the mysterious Mummified Monks at Wat Khurnam Mummified Monks at Wat Khurnam

Wat Khurnam temple is among the most unique temple of Thailand. Lined with elegant red and white, the temple has a vertical casket holding the mummified body of Loung Pordaeng – a monk in his meditative state. People visiting here can connect themselves with the Thai culture and traditions and witness the other monks praying at the shrines.

  • Raise a Tea Toast at the Amari Samuitea toat at amari samui

Love tea? Of course you do! How about a delightful afternoon over a cup of tea and an assortment of bakery products to choose from! Head for the Amaya Bar, which serves a range of hot and cold tea servings to choose from! Served along with freshly prepared and delicious sandwiches, warm scones, pastries and cakes that will engage your taste buds, the Amari Samui is sure to take you on that perfect gastronomic journey.

  • Explore the Infinite Coastline of Chaweng Beach Chaweng Beach- koh samui

The Chaweng Beach or Hat Chaweng is the longest and naturally most diverse beach of the island. Blue-green waters, rows of palm trees, coral reefs and an exciting night life are what attract travelers to this part of the island. It is also the second biggest resort hub of the island. You can choose almost any kind of water sports here – windsurfing, skiing, kayaking, speed boating and snorkeling. The area is full of beach front restaurants, and is ideal to search for nightclubs and lounges for that rocking evening.

  • Soak yourself in the refreshing Na Muang Waterfalls na muang waterfalls

The Na Nuang Waterfalls is a hike up to the island’s central mountains and is a reward for the travelers seeking adventure. The mountains can be accessed on foot or elephants and is divided into two stretches; lower and upper stretch. The lower stretch is safer for swimming and is dotted with numerous food stalls, souvenir vendors and elephant handlers.

  • Give yourself the ultimate healing experience at the Kamalaya ResortsGive yourself the ultimate healing experience at the Kamalaya Resorts

If you are looking for that perfect relaxation and rejuvenation break without engaging in any adventure, the Koh Samui Island has a perfect hideout for the couples and stags alike – The Kamalaya Resorts. The resort is a holistic healing haven and takes you through a time-warped journey of healing, energy balancing and relaxation. The resort offers a range of holistic healing and alternate medicine treatments and sessions to de-stress, detox and recoup your depleted energy levels, recover your vitality and energy.

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