Seychelles is a mysterious cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean with jewel-like blue waters. It is the best place to have the most unforgettable honeymoon. It is an amazing experience to stay at La Digue, Praslin and Mahe and indulge in the refreshing surf, sand, and sun. You can also enjoy great weather throughout the year. So, it is good to visit and spend the honeymoon on this beautiful destination any time of the year.

The three main islands to vsit in Seychelles are Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. They are easily associated by ferry routes. You can visit multiple islands also without much complications. Pristine beaches, excellent spas and luxury hotels, exotic forests and vibrant culture are top reasons to have the best experience on this island paradise.

Things to do in Seychelles on Honeymoon

1. Cycle the Pathless Trodden

With just 10 euros one can rent a bicycle and roam around the place. You can cover a lot of ground with your partner in a short span of time looking around and exploring the places. It is a grand idea if you really wish to discover the island for yourself. It gives both of you some ‘we’ time while riding the cycle.

2. Sip Champagne at Sunset

The best time to visit the sea is early morning or in the evening as the rest of the day remains crowded. You can take a picnic on the beach with your beloved by cracking open a bottle of champagne. You can take a sip while observing the warm sunset in the evening absorbing the colors and sounds all around.

3. Enjoy the coconut water

It is customary to take a selfie with the coconut when one visits Seychelles. The Coco De Mar tree is exclusive in Praslin Island. The nuts serve as a great snack, as they are the world’s heaviest and rare and they are even sold for high prices. Even coconuts are available at a dozen for a dime.

4. Go for the Hills

Be it Morne Blanc or the terrain of the Silhouette Island or Nid d’Aigle on La Digue, one can get the best view of this island but also that of the other islands. You can explore the flora and fauna and also the archipelago. Take comfy shoes and explore the waters around.

5. Discovering Mahe

One can just rent a car for 40 euros and drive around Mahe which is the biggest island of Seychelles. Then you should devotedly go to Victoria, the colonial British city, to visit the market. You can spend some quality time with your partner there.

6. Meet up the Giant tortoises

You can come close and personal when meeting the biggest tortoises on Curieuse Island. Apart from the shell-arific safari, explore the National Park amidst the naturally formed jungle. You can find more than 500 Aldabra tortoises over here. One can also find crabs and Coco de Mar Palm trees here.

7. Visit the tea factory

You can visit the tea factory with your partner and tour around the entire plantation. It is located 20 minutes from southern point of Victoria. It is amidst the hills. Here you can enjoy a mug of Seyte while enjoying the mesmerizing views all around. You can see Morne Blanc’s western side and can also have an informative tour.

8. Enjoy in the waterfall

There are many small waterfalls in Seychelles where you can actually set out a romantic movie scene of taking a shower under the waterfalls. The Sauzier Waterfalls and Morne Seychellois National Park’s waterfall are the most popular ones. It is in Port Launay.

9. Diving experience with the whale sharks

You should definitely not miss out on this opportunity. It is really adventurous for the newlywed to try swimming with 19000 kilograms of nonmammalian vertebrate. It sounds impressive so why not take a try.

10. Take a bus ride

It is the perfect way to mix with the daily crowd. If you come from a different place, buses are the best option to see the lives of the people there. You can engage in a lively conversation with them. There are 41 routes across Praslin and Mahe and that way you can see more of the island.

11. Being a conversationalist

You can clear marine litter, plant trees, monitor the lemon sharks, hawksbill, turtles and in exchange you can get knowledge, food and great conversation. You can maintain the land and protect the wildlife by donating some time of your day to this cause.

12. Snorkel the clear waters

Snorkeling is the perfect idea to explore marine life under the waters. One can see various amazing creatures under water. You can see creatures like the lionfish, scorpion fish, giant stingrays, green sea turtles and that too with great visibility. You can also swim through the giant rock formations in the Channel Rocks, Vista Bay Rocks, Anse Lazio, and Coco Island.

13. Visit the Clock Tower

It is located in the city centre of Victoria. It is known as the Little Big Ben. Since it is located in the middle of the town, it is very easy to be spotted. You can cross it any time of the day without making a special journey for it.

14. Enjoy golfing

If you love to play golf, you can surely visit the two large golf courses on two different islands. Golf fanatics will surely love it and if your partner has a similar liking, then it’s a great idea to hit the course for a day.

15. Clubbing

If you are a night bird and you love clubbing, you and your partner can hit any of the popular clubs for the night. It will not be the first thing for you to do in your itinerary, but you should definitely try going to clubs like Tequila Boom and La Faya Bar on the Mahe Island.

16. Visit the Treasure Island

It is referred to as the Talcum Powdered Beach. The lush green hills around and the topaz waters make it a land of treasure with big sandstone boulders. Since pirates used to come to this island to hide, it is believed that there’s some hidden treasure worth 100,000 euros by an infamous pirate named Olivier Ke Vasseur.

17. Explore the National History

Here you can witness the culture and the history of the place. It has a huge collection of Coco de mer, corals and shells. It is located inside the Carnegie Building. There is also a huge and massive clamshell from the Aldabra. The museum was built in the 1920s.

18. Enjoy a helicopter ride

Since most of the islands in Seychelles have helipads, boarding a helicopter is very easy here. You can glide over the entire archipelago from a height of 600 ft. It is the best way to explore more than 450 sq km of the Indian Ocean in a wink. You can even touch down on all the islands and explore it.

19. Fishing and cooking

You can book for a fishing tour on many of the islands. You can even go into deeper waters or beyond the breakers or just close to the shore. You can also cook your catch after you return from the fishing trip. Good Mackerel and Yellow Fin Tuna are the best catch.

20. Meditation

It will completely soothe your nerves or provide you with inner peace. You can meditate on the deserted beach and amidst the soothing lapping waters as it is the least stressful place. There are many uninhabited sections of the islands with lack of cars which makes it even more peaceful.

21. Horse riding

You can explore the beaches with horse riding too. Champagne picnic packages are also available for the couples on the beach. The turquoise horse trails are the major attraction over here. The experience completely takes you to another level.

22. Photography course

Ensure to take a photography course to ensure that your holiday snaps are the best. There are various local photographers who can teach you the right spots and even underwater photography. Even when it is cloudy, bleak or grey, you can click loads of pictures if you know the skill.

23. Explore the shipwrecks

The most popular shipwreck is the British Fleet Auxillary Tanker which is 47,000 tonnes in weight. It is located almost 8 miles off the coast and there are other wrecks too like Dredger wreck, Twin Barges and several other so no diver can feel bored.

24. Tie the knot

If you are just months away from your marriage or want to recreate your wedding day, you can definitely give it a thought over here with lush simplicity all around.

25. Paddleboarding

It is a new thing to do and also very relaxing to explore sea life. You can hanker around for a spot for surfing. Paddleboarding amidst the uncrowded waves is popular in Seychelles. After that, you can plan for a relaxing massage nearby.

26. Get a massage

Getting a message in Seychelles is a very simple thing to do as almost all the popular hotels provide massage and spa services. They even put soothing sounds during the massage to provide you with the most relaxing experience.

27. Explore the secluded spots

There are always some never before seen sights in Seychelles. You can always discover some new things or people you have never seen. Discovering untouched lands is a great thing to do in this untouched and pristine place. It includes from Anse to Baie Lazare, to Grand Anse to various endless beaches.

28. Sleeping under the Stars

The stars and the moon can act as your nightlight. You can consider camping on the beach for the ultimate romantic setting under the stars. You can consider bio-domes for a night stay under the stars.

29. Chill

You can just take your favorite book or your favorite drink or juice and lounge in the hammock. The hammocks are easily available on the grounds of the hotel along the beaches. They are big enough for two people where you can relax.

30. Enjoy the live band

Almost every evening, you can enjoy the live band in Seychelles. You can head to the other nearby hotels to listen to the band and enjoy the live music. You just need to enquiry regarding the entertainment itinerary before that.

31. Enjoy swimming with the dolphins

Here you can swim with the dolphins in their natural environments. You can come in direct contact with them. These bottle-nosed dolphins will entertain you wholeheartedly for half an hour with their stint.

32. Try the Seybrew beer

This is the brand new beer, especially locally brewed. It is popular across this island since 1972. It is the sole brewery and is available in draught here. It can even format into an icy one which is heavenly in the sun drained beach.

33. Learn French

You can learn a little French during your stay in Seychelles. Talking with the locals or picking up a book will help you barter better with the cabbies or in the market. That way you can talk with the locals in their native language.

34. Jumping off the plane

You can easily avail skydiving opportunities in Seychelles. Tandem dives are also there for the first time divers. You can enjoy the adrenaline filled activity from 14,000 feet high with a speed of 120 mph. You can get the best views of this picturesque island from high above.

35. Feeding the sharks

It is the most exhilarating activity of this island. The experienced guides feed the sharks and you are just feet’s away from there. The sharks also enjoy an easy lunch and calmly circle all around you. It’s a nerve-racking moment when the sharks bump into you while circling.

36. Enjoy open-air cinemas

The inflatable screens on the chilly summer evenings provides you with the best experience of movies, surrounded by palm trees, lights, and lanterns. Many hotels play international movies, especially on an outdoor screen. You can enjoy a night out here at Docklands or on Albert Street.

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