In the vast expanse of the state of Kerala, which still is among the smallest state in India, there are a lot of tourist spots that you can find around. It ranges from the amazing blue waters of Kovalam near the capital city in the south to the sprawling tea estates of Munnar owned by the industrialist tata! Geographically, in between these two, there are the rubber plantations of Kottayam, the forest of and the waterfalls of Athirapalli. In all of this, it might not be that easy for another tourist spot that encompasses all the goodness of everything around except the beaches, to get a name for itself. However, Wayanad has managed to do that.

munnar quotes name for itself not just in geography but also in history! It was once owned and ruled by the famous emperor of Mysore Tipu Sultan. Where people who migrated from the low lying areas of coastal Kerala to the cool hills. Today you can see a reflection of the culture and the lifestyle in people and even in the shops.

There are a lot of fun things that you can do in Munnar! Let us go on to study about the different amazing things that Wayanad has got to offer to an intriguing tourist!

Safari Early In the Morning

Early morning safari in Munnar

When the whole world is sleeping, the animals have already woken up and roaming some of the most common areas of the jungle. This is probably the best time to catch a remote date with them! Wayanad is situated in the Western Ghats and the Western Ghats is known for being a biodiversity hotspot. You can get a lot of animals including but not limited to hyenas, rabbits, and even elephants and tigers if you are lucky enough. It requires that you sacrifice some of your sleep and wake up as early as 3:00 a.m. in the morning to get onto this exciting journey in open-top jeeps. We are sure that the sacrifice of your sleep will be surely worth the experience!

Exploring The River Island

River Island in Munnar

River islands are quite a phenomenon! It might not be very easy to spot one, leave alone them being in the middle of small rivers. However, Wayanad is lucky in that respect. The Kuruva Island is a river island that you can find in Wayanad. This island abounds with a lot of trees that are endemic to this place! You can walk through the river water which might not have a heavy flow and it gives you a pleasurable experience. You will also find a lot of living creatures and it might even be a good idea for you to just sit down under the trees, enjoy the sound of the flowing river water and meditate in that experience! It is one of the best things that you can probably do in Wayanad. all the experience while trying, it is surely with all the energy and the time.


Boating in Munnar

There are two different kinds of voting that you can do in Wayanad. One is to enjoy the peaceful and silent boating on Pookode lake and the other is to enjoy a thrilling and energetic boat ride at the Banasura Sagar dam. People who visit Wayanad with their families would prefer to enjoy the pedal boat for the rowboat on the Pookode lake. However, if you are a bunch of energetic youngsters and would like to feel the splash of water you can choose to enjoy boating at Banasura Sagar. It is also the second largest earth dam in Asia and the largest in India!

Kannan Devan Tea Plantations

Kannan Devan Tea Plantations in Munnar

All the 90s kids would know the tea brand called Kannan Devan, which might not be familiar today. The states of Kannan Devan tea located at Wayanad. Although it might not have the appeal that Munnar has, Wayanad is still a great place for you to enjoy fresh tea with the refreshing aroma!

Drenching Yourself in a Waterfall

Waterfall in Munnar

Wayanad is the home to Soochipara falls. the waterfall might be as massive as Athirapalli but it does give the tourist a nice reason to enjoy bathing in the falls which might not be possible in massive waterfalls. The gentle massage that the waterfall gives you when you get in there is a nice natural therapy. For some, it might even be quite a meditative experience. You might also want to consider getting a massage in the places around the waterfall.

The Prehistoric Connection

Prehistoric Connection in Munnar

The history of Wayanad goes well beyond records. They have been instances of stone age people living in the caves of Wayanad. You can find inscriptions and paintings in the Edakkal region of Wayanad that date back to the Neolithic for the new stone age. To get a brush with history when you visit these places!

Wayanad has all it takes to be a complete and Holistic tourist destination. It gives everyone something to be thrilled about. If you would like to enjoy the goodness of Wayanad, you might want to consider booking your Wayanad and Coorg tourist package brought to you by Visiit. Our travel experts will ensure that every little aspect of your travel is taking care of including but not limited to food my internal transport and accommodation.


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