With a name that is derived from Sanskrit, and the legacy of a prince spotting a Singa (lion), Singapura (the original name), or Singapore as we all know it, is a city that transforms itself from bustling business hub, to a buzzing city at night. The lion city is at its exquisite best at night with a glistening skyline like no other. Tread on your own path, and discover the many hidden secrets of this mega cosmopolitan when here at night. Three days trip is enough for Singapore Trip on day time.

  1. Bright Lights on the Bay (and the I Lights Festival)Bright Lights on the Bay singapore packagesOne of the world’s most expensive real estate areas, Marina Bay is beautiful like no other. The tall skyscrapers and the lights that illuminate them, shine of the bay area water, reflecting hues like only an artist can imagine. A must see here is the i Light Marina Bay festival that kicked off in 2010, which sees artists of international repute celebrate the creative and sustainable usage of lights, while spreading a social message. Held in March, the festival offers multiple activities and educative guided tours. Imagine spelling a word, holding hand held lights, which are captured by a cameraman using a long exposure camera! In case you aren’t here in March, stroll down the bay nonetheless and experience its beauty first hand.
  1. Chinatown by nightchinatown singapore visiit400 food stalls across 4 streets – enough said for a foodie! With pocket friendly food from every corner of China, this is a must visit especially post 7pm. While here, you won’t be able to help but appreciate the cleanliness and how well connected it is! Bring a wallet with loads of cash. There are loads of souvenirs to pick. If possible, visit Chinatown during the annual festival.
  1. Trishaw Touringtrishaw riding singaporeWhile in Chinatown, take a Trishaw tour. The 4 hour, all inclusive tour will allow you to dine at a 5 course restaurant, shop at the local markets and allow you to take a boat ride too. If you want to feel like a boss man – take a trishaw that has neon lights and a boom box to add to the fun! You will surely be the centre of attraction.
  1. Night Safarinight safari singaporeBoasting of over 1.2 million visitors a year, the Singapore Zoo night safari is one of the very best in the world. The zoo is an open air one, with special lighting so as to not disturb the animals. And unlike zoos you have been to in the past, don’t expect to see cages, nor expect to have to walk, since the zoo has a tram too! While covering 35 hectares, pick a drink from the Cocktail Express or a bite to eat from the Gourmet Express.
  1. MAAD Marketmaad singaporeMAAD is an acronym for Market of Artists and Designers, and is the biggest recurring one in the city. Setup in 2006, the objective was to promote innovative designs and creativity; which is why on a given Friday each month it holds an exhibition. Over 3000 people visit it each month and take inspiration from the work displayed. This of course while enjoying live DJs perform and sipping away on a drink from the make shift bar. Very unique indeed.
  1. Zoukzouk singapore

They call themselves an institution – not a club! Patrons have been thronging this entertainment club for over 26 years from across the world, and it holds the distinction of being awarded by the Ministry of Tourism – Singapore, for its extraordinary customer service. Accommodating 1500 people, the club has guest DJs performing frequently. They play all sorts of music and the LED unique LED lights make for a very lively environment.

  1. Avalonavalon singaporeThrowing its door open in 2011, the Avalon is a club located in the top notch Hotel Marina Sands Bay. Known for their electronic music, which is played by the best DJs in the world, the ambiance of the club is to die for. The sound system is mammoth and state of the art. The installed laser lights really allow revellers to let their hair down. Remember to dress your best if you are visiting here – you never known when you might bump into a Hollywood celebrity!
  1. Clarke Quayclark quay singaporeBite into a bit of Singapore’s history and visit the Quay. During the early 18th century, this was its commercial epicentre, with boats bringing necessary goods for trade. Becoming too polluted the government disallowed trade. Doing what Singapore does best, it transformed the entire area; and today, it houses various restaurants and clubs. The G-Max reverse bungee is a popular attraction as are the floating pubs. Shiraz and Mad about Garlic are people magnets too.
  1. Orchard Area/ Orchard Towersorchard area singaporeOnce a little road that had plantations of nutmeg and other fruits, has transformed into the shoppers ultimate dream. A 2.2 km paradise that defines what retail therapy ought to be! Restaurants, shopping malls and restaurants that serve every cuisine are intermittently lined with famous fashion houses and even an art gallery. A great place to hang out till late!
  1. Holland Villageholland village singaporeLocated in the central region of Singapore, the Holland village remains a chosen destination to shop to exhaustion, and then dine away into the early hours of the morning. It is known for its speciality outlets – especially in art and crafts and is a preferred destination for foreigners. Since a lot of expatriates live in the Holland village, there is a strong presence of wine bars and Italian Pizza outlets, unlike the main city areas. Original Sin and Three Crowns Booze & Grub are two outlets that are must visits. The latter is also known for its open air rave parties!
  1. James Power Stationst james power station singaporeBuilt in 1926, St. James was Singapore’s first coal based power station. The electricity produced was used for commercial and residential purposes. By 1976, the plant was shut do too inefficiency in operations. However, what may still look like a power station is actually a massive entertainment complex that has multiple dance clubs and food joints for over 10,000 people! The holy grail of celebration, dance and music. The power station earned over $40 million in 2016! Entry to the complex is not expensive and visitors need to pay just once to enter the complex. The power station looks splendid in the evening. Make sure to take a selfie with the led lit chimney in the background.
  1. Chijmeschijmes singaporeOnce a catholic church in 1906, the Chijmes is today a hall that serves multiple purposes. The complex houses an art gallery that is renowned. It also serves as a spot to shop and eat, with scores of entertainment options such as theather, musicals and recitals. This is a great place to click photographs since a lot of marriages take place here.
  1. Dempsey Hilldempsey hill singaporeThe Dempsey hill is referred to as a food sanctuary! Rarely will you come across such an amalgamation of food, entertainment and concept based stores in the world. COMO is arguably the most reputed restaurant in the complex. It’s interesting to note that Dempsey Hill has an Impression art studio that allows you a hand at pottery while a salon caters exclusively to pets. The food is as exquisite as the brands that sell here. Make sure to spend time here with a loaded wallet!
  1. Singapore Pub Crawlsingapore pub crawlIf organised bar hopping is alien to you – you got to do this! The Singapore Pub Crawl is committed to showing foreigners around the city (at night) and will organizing a bar hopping and clubbing experience like no other. With a very reasonable charge, the crawl leader will take you to four pubs, one after the other and where you get to have 4 free shots in each pub. You get to have a lot of other drinks at low rates. This concludes with a stop at a night club where you dance away into the morning. The crawl allows you to meet crazy bar hoppers/clubbers just like you and makes for the experience of a lifetime.
  1. Beer Marketbeer market singaporeThe Beer Market sees you visit the bar as a buyer of Beers, which change in price as its demand fluctuates in the bar. Hence the same bottle of beer is priced differently at different times in the evening. Customers remain glued to the LCD screen as update prices are constantly displayed. This keeps the excitement of placing an order for your drink at the opportune time. And yes, LCD screens also project sports matches that keep the sports lovers all pumped up.
  1. The Chupitos Barchupitos singaporeThe bar takes pride in being Singapore’s only shooter bar (where only shots are served to you). The bar has over 130 shots on offer which allow you to have a taste of various drinks without really drinking too much. The bar mostly hosts a lot of parties but is open to public. Expect a lot of rush on weekends and a lot of noise too.
  1. Altitudealtitude singaporeOccupying the top three floors of the One Raffles Palace, this is a place of dreams. Altitude owns the proud distinction of being the world’s tallest alfresco bar, and Singapore’s very best. The view from the top is to kill for; 282 m above sea level and with a 360 degree view of the world below. The food is great, the ambience greater – and the view simply the greatest!
  1. Ku De Taka de ta singaporeNow renamed as Ce La Vi, this uber high end bar at the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands is a one that can empty your pockets quicker than if you were buying jewellery! The bar offers a breath taking view of the city below and serves great food to go with it. Expect to see celebrities here, and to be on your best behaviour!
  1. New Asia Barnew asia bar singaporeConsidered a legendary bar, the New Asia Bar is located on the 71st floor of the Stamford. Being the tallest hotel bar gives it an unmatched view from the top. The DJ plays amazing music to the grooving crowd. The New Asia Bar is known to serve one of the best cocktails – little wonder it is rated in the top 50 bars of the world! Reach in time to see the sun set, and enjoy your way into the night. Thursdays is the best day of the week to be here.
  1. Loofloof singaporeAnother world renowned bar, the Loof is a relaxed bar that has furniture inspired from Singaporean culture. While the view from here is good, the ambience is unparalleled. Rich timber furniture with high bar tables and chairs give it a very contemporary and airy feel. It is a lot less noisy than other bars and allows for warm interactions!
  1. Tanjong Beach ClubTanjong Beach Club singaporeThe Tanjong Beach club is a sun kissed beach club with crystal blue waters and golden sand and is located in Sentosa. Regarded by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the world’s finest beach clubs, this beach club allows visitors to escape into a West Indian like beach, breaking free from Singapore’s concrete jungle. There are a host of string parties that are organised. Make sure to be dressed in beach wear as you sway to the sound of sea waves and music.
  1. The Wave Housewavehouse singaporeThe iconic wave house is one of kind in the continent of Asia – with 70,000sq.ft of beachfront inviting visitors. It is rated as one of the best beach lifestyle experiences in the world and is renowned for ‘The Wave’ – an artificial wave creator that unleashes an 11 foot wave at those who dare. The wave house gives you a chance to meet the world’s best surfers. As the sun sets, the surfing dies down and the DJs take over, making it a party you’d want to be at!
  1. Play Houseplayhouse singaporeA naughty one, the play house is a concept based bar, where women dress up as nurses, air stewardesses, school girls and what not, to primarily feed into the male fetish. They go along with the character, and engage in small talk with patrons as they serve them drinks. It is common to see them pull up guests to the dance floor too. Don’t expect plush interiors, but a fun filled evening. After all, when was the last time a nurse poured a drink for you?
  1. Atticaattica singaporeAttica is known for just one thing – the hottest and most sexy looking girls you can get to party with! Why you wonder? Well the simple reason being the bouncers, who are allowed to sift through the long queues and allow only those who meet a certain ‘standard’. The club also attracts a mature crowd since it has a higher age limit to qualify for an entry. But have no doubt; this place is a magnet for both locals and foreigners.
  1. Singapore F1 Grand Prixsingapore f1 grand pixIf you’re lucky to be in Singapore in September, don’t leave in a rush – at least not without witnessing the Singapore Grand Prix! Forget the night clubs; this is the event you want to see. Being the only night circuit race in the Formula One calendar, each year over 110,000 tickets are sold off to racing enthusiasts. The fact that cars race each other, and zip by you at over 300 kmph is an exhilarating experience and one that can only be seen to be experienced.

So there you have it. If you are one of those that believed that Singapore is a boring city to be in at night, you stand corrected!

Shopping, food, fun & frolic, history and unique experience make up the Singapore night life.

Do visit. You’d never want to leave.

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