Are you planning for your honeymoon? Langkawi is the best Honeymooner’s Hideaway. It is an exciting experience to enjoy your honeymoon in a perfect destination. Langkawi is blessed with an extensive range of cultural and natural assets. It helps to make ecotourism feasible, highly beneficial, long-term and sustainable. Langkawi is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. The majority of islands are deserted while tiny part is Langkawi.

Langkawi Island is perfect for romance. There are several ways you can enjoy your trip as a couple. A daring escape to a close by uninhabited island, enjoying candlelight feast under the stars or just spend time in a private bungalow along with your spa treatment.

Lush highlands, exotic ports, idyllic islands and calm waters join to form magical Langkawi. It is a home of numerous cultures. You can relish fragrant curries for dinner and roti for breakfast. You can admire remote villages, temples and mosques, which is all possible only in Langkawi.

Langkawi is a collection of more than one hundred islands. It is not a single island. Tourists from various parts of the world ensure to visit Langkawi while they travel to Malaysia.

Langkawi Sunset Cruise:

Langkawi sunset cruise covers the Andaman Sea. You can sit back and relax on a yacht. You will be visiting some deserted islets of Langkawi – exotic marine life and unique limestone ridges are part and portion of the journey.



It takes minutes to reach the island from Kuah jetty. Here, you can enjoy peaceful and pleasant beaches. If you are looking for a scheduled place, you should come here. You can either book your tickets in advance or book through a tour guide to visit Kuah.


Pulau Dayang Bunting:

It is the most beautiful and second biggest island of Langkawi. Pulau Dayang Bunting means island of the pregnant girl. The fauna and flora are amazing as it is covered in verdant rainforest. It is believed that the lake on this island has magical properties. It is best for swimming. Gua Langsir is a cave that is located close by. It is a home for thousands of bats. You can reach this island by boat ride. It takes just fifteen minutes to reach when you travel from Kuah. It is best to plan as a day trip since there is no accommodation open.


PulauPayar Marine Park:

It is the best spot for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. If you are willing to explore the undersea action of Langkawi, ensure to reach this spot. You have to reach this place through a speedboat or catamaran from Kuah jetty point.


Langkawi spas and resort:

If you are looking to enjoy the beautiful landscape by resting, relaxing or under the hands of experienced massage, you have to check out some of the major resorts and hotels. They provide exotic spa treatments with striking packages.


Langkawi offers you the perfect combination of exciting and relaxation activity. The gorgeous underwater and sandy coves of the island make snorkeling and diving as the best adventurous activities. Meanwhile, you can visit heritage and cultural sightseeing spots ranging from Al-Hana (a traditional mosque) to fabulous tomb of Mahsuri.

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