For people in India, Dubai is such a marvelous destination point it proves to be a viable option in terms of too many parameters, like economy and time.

   Dubai is such a wonderful option for long weekends and it gets only better when the weekend is 4 days. With so many weekends of 3 or more days coming up in 2018, it would be a great thing to know what should be visited in those 3 days.

    Given below is a complete list of what you should visit in Dubai if you are planning on a 3 day vacation to the United Arab Emirates:

Day 1 – Awesomeness & Entertainment:

The Burj Khalifa:

        No 3-day tour of Dubai, or any number of days for that matter, would be complete without the mention of this particular landmark on this list. You should never miss the opportunity to be on the top of this engineering marvel, and the tallest building on the planet. This place offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline, and your observation deck not only tells you stories but also the history of the place and the building. You will not be disappointed for all that excitement that you will talk as you ascended the floors!

Bounce! 1-Hour Free Jumping:

     Let’s admit it! That is a kid inside every one of us that wants to come out every now and then, and what better place than Dubai? Bounce! in Dubai should be a must on the list, if you have kids along with you. A series of interconnected trampolines give your kids the much-needed entertainment that will rain of all the excess energy that they have so you can enjoy a hassle-free tour.


   Well, let’s not confined the kids by age. There is a place where adults can Trampoline as well! This should be an ideal stress buster for you. That’s why you came out on a tour in the first place right?!

    Amid all those huge skyscrapers and shopping attractions, there are little things like this in Dubai that make it a very Wholesome destination for a 3 day tour.

Hub Zero:

    Want to get really adventurous with all activities, but the scorching sun of the desert area does not allow you to do that? The hub zero is the perfect place for you then find featuring a lot of adventurous activities like Rock climbing, race tracks and Laser tags, this place is perfect for any adventure junkie, whose adrenaline travels are a little beyond control!

The Green Planet:

      Given the page with which Dubai keeps moving all the possible things indoors,  getting a great forest to be stocked inside a 4 storied building is surely not a thing of awe, especially when it comes to this Emirates!


      This feels like literally living in tropical Paradise. You will get to see a lot of Exotic reforms including but not limited to butterflies, frogs, birds and a lot of other things. Do not forget to carry your camera as you will be capturing some of the most precious moments of your life!

A Gourmet Dinner Cruise:

      A day that fills with a lot of excitement and adventure deserves to finish with some grandior and luxury. You can finish up this exciting day with an amazing luxury dinner Cruise in the streams of the Dubai creek. Doesn’t the idea of having a four course meal away from the bustle of the city served on board a floating restaurant excite you?

     This Cruise offers magnificent and breathtaking views of the city along with a dining experience that you will never ever forget!

Day 2 – Exploration & Adventure:

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus:

      Yes there is a way to explode Dubai in the most compact way possible. One of the best ways is to get an early seat on the Hop on hop off bus that will take you on a tour around the entire City highlighting a few places that are of utmost importance.


    This Hop on hop off tour takes you to places of interest like the Burj Khalifa, the souk, the palm, the Dubai Marina and a lot more. It also come packaged along with a guide who will give you a clear description of what you see!

Ski Dubai:

     You would never expect a ski Resort to be there in a place which is filled with sands of a hot desert.

    The ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. This place houses 5 different ski resorts with increasing levels of difficulties and an escape and also an exciting live Penguin zone. Even if you are a total Rookie to skin a snowboarding, this place has instructors and lessons who will get you on board it on to this wonderful world of playing with snow.

Dinner Cruise:

       You might ask why are we repeating it on day 2. There are too many options to have dinner on a Dubai Cruise. If one has been completes in day 1, there are too many other options on day to come out and it is not worth missing even for three consecutive days! Most of the water rides and see attractions of Dubai happened around the Palm Jumeirah.

Day 3: Water and Aquatic Life:

      If you are thinking about Dubai and sons in a single sentence, you don’t have to just think about the desert salon. For there are a few amazing beaches in Dubai that make it a complete tourist destination offering almost everything that a destination has got to offer!

Sea You Water World:

    All exciting water rides around the Palm Jumeirah are synonymous with this particular provider. Be it kayaking, or surfing or a simple water boring games, Sea You water world has everything to offer! The contrast that the chill of the water offers against the heat of the deserts of Dubai creates a memory that will burn in your hearts for the entire lifetime.

The Aquaventure Park:

   Even before the waters from your previous water attraction at Sea You dry off, you’d find yourself in yet another center of adventure – the Aquaventure Park.


    Housed in a five-star property near the Palm Jumeirah, this aquaventure Park is an attraction that nobody should miss on the trip to Dubai. There is no better place to spend the warm afternoons of the gulf than in this aquaventure Park.

Early Dinner at Dubai Marina:

      The Dubai Marina is one place that you should never miss in the list of places to visit in Dubai. This picture is spot known for its awesome view during the day become an epicenter of dining activity during the night. After a long and tiring day, swimming in all the waters, it would be a great idea to have an early dinner at the time of sunset point this not only gives you a great treat to your tongue and your stomach, but also a visual treat your eyes looking at the sun set with all its reddish hues!


Wind Up!

    That would probably be the end of an amazing trip to the paradise of the Middle East known as Dubai. With lots of memories and pictures, you will only leave this Paradise with an idea to visit the same place again and again!

    A properly planned trip to Dubai is bound to take a lot of things off your bucket list. Trust us to create the ultimate and customisable tour package to Dubai. Book your Dubai Tour package with Visiit!

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