When you plan a vacation to another country, you look forward to the new excitement, fun and amazing experiences that has in store for you. But unfortunately that’s not always the case. Sometimes visiting a new country can also make you feel depressed and disoriented, especially if you are travelling alone. Singapore is also one such country which is quite different from other countries in South East Asia. In fact planning a trip to Amazing Singapore from India is something that you must consider for your next holiday trip.

Trips for First Time Visitors to Singapore from India

Singapore, a place with exotic reputation, is worldwide known as the city of skyscrapers and a city with mystic charms. So if you are planning your trip to Singapore this vacation, then doing some research about the place and knowing a few things in advance can surely help you to make the most out of the place.

Here are 25 Tips for first time visitors to Singapore from India:

Singapore is a fine Citysingapore is a fine city

One of the most important things that you must know about Singapore is that the city takes a very tough stand on fines for basic public behavior and anti-social issues. So during your stay in Singapore, make sure you follow all the rules, regulations as well as social norms that you might need to follow.

Remember Cameras are watching YouRemember cameras are watching You in singapore

Yes, Singapore is a city that has cameras installed in almost all the places. So while roaming in the city, always remember you are being watched. This is also one of the reasons of no crime or non existent crime rate in the city.

Do Not Chew Gumdo not chew gum in singapore

Yes chewing gum in Singapore is like breaking a law and it is totally illegal. So if you have a habit of chewing gum then work on it as this habit can get you in trouble in Singapore.

Do Not Litterdo not litter in singapore

This is another important thing that you must keep in mind while wandering in Singapore. You will be forgiven for littering things on the streets only twice and doing it for the third time will land you in trouble as you might end up cleaning the streets on Sunday with a signboard around your neck saying “I am a litterer”.

No Tipping Pleaseno tipping - singapore

Yes, many people have a habit of tipping  in pubs, clubs, restaurants as well as hotel. But in Singapore, tipping anyone can make you suffer. So no tipping please.

A Buyer’s Paradisebuyer's paradise-singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly the best shopping destination. Walk down the Orchard road where you’ll find many designer boutiques, malls, and fashion stores lined on each side of the road. You will also come across stores displaying the latest digital wizardry.

Also, don’t forget to wander through the different locales and streets of Chinatown and Little India and Arab street for shopping. You can also go for window shopping at these places as it costs nothing.

Enjoy a sling at RafflesEnjoy a sling at Raffles- singapore

“When in Singapore, feed at Raffles” is what the famous English author Rudyard Kipling said about the place, which still holds true today. The legendary Raffles hotel is always considered as one of the best hotels in the world. This hotel has  welcomed many literary talents to its doors which includes Joseph Conrad, Noel Coward and Somerset Maugham.

Even film stars, royalty as well as sports persons prefer to stay at Raffles when in Singapore. If you have budget issues, then you can also go for a refreshing Gin Sling in the Long Bar rather than an overnight stay.

Try the Glorious foodtry the glorious food in singapore

Singapore is known for its amazing and mouth watering delicacies that gives you a whole new experience and leaves you spellbound with its exotic flavor and unique use of spices. Being in Singapore, you cannot afford to miss to try out lip smacking Nonya and Peranankan food. The Nonya and Peranankan food is the unique blend of Chinese and Malay cuisines.

If you are planning your trip in July, then you will also get a chance to be a part of the annual Singapore Food festival. You will also come across many workshops, food points and stalls offering delicious food.

Singapore Zoo Night Safarisingapore night safari

This is not just a typical zoo, going on a Zoo night safari in Singapore will help you explore an “open” green environment, where animals wander in the lush green jungle and parklands.

In this zoo, all the animals are kept in quite spacious lands, separated from visitors by dry or wet moats. At night, the Singapore zoo turns into a completely different feel with the famous night safari. A Singapore Zoo Night Safari gives you a whole new experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. While on a safari, you will also come across 1000 nocturnal animals from 100 species in their habitat.

Spend Leisure time at Sentosa Island Resortsentosa singapore

Located at a distance of 15 minutes, you will find the Sentosa resort getaway, which is a beautiful blend of culture, modernity and luxury. Apart from all the luxurious facilities, staying at these resorts will also provide you an opportunity to enjoy water sports, golf as well as peaceful retreat. You can also reach this place by bus, car, taxi or cable car- the choice is all yours.

The rainforest here covers 70 per cent of the 500 hectare island and is a home to monkeys, peacocks, parrots, monitor lizards and a great flora and fauna. The long stretch of beach on this island is perfect for a long walk and to spend some quality time in the lap of the mother nature.

Night Moves and Grooves at Clarke Quayclarke quay singapore

Well, it is not wrong to say that life begins at Clarke Quay after the sun goes down. Yes, served as the commercial waterfront area filled with merchant vessels in the 19th century, this place is now converted into a colorful and stylish meeting place. The place also houses music bars, cozy cafes and exotic and comfy restaurants. You will find this place too much crowded on weekends because of its food, popularity and overall ambience.

Enjoy the Traditional Foot Massagefoot massage singapore

Well, while on a vacation, you surely deserve some pampering and being in Singapore you cannot afford to miss the traditional foot massage. Reflexology or foot massage has been a part of Chinese culture since a very long time. It is in fact a great way to relax your body from long day tiredness and instantly makes you feel fresh and relaxed.  You will find many amazing spa centers and hotels to enjoy a nice and relaxing foot massage to make your trip even more exciting.

You can communicate in Englishyou can communicate in English in singapore

Yes, English is king in Singapore. Around 80% people in Singapore speak and understands English. Apart from Malay, Chinese and Tamil, English is one of the main languages that people use to communicate with each other. The reason why English is the most used language in Singapore is that it didn’t get separated from the UK till 1963.

Relive the historyRelive the history - singapore

To explore the vast and varied history of Singapore, don’t forget to visit Chinese heritage center where you will get to see the scenes and streets of Singapore from the time of the 19th century.

Go for Bird Watchingbird watching in singapore

Not many people know this, but Singapore is a home to Asia’s biggest bird park, also known as the Jurong Bird Park. This park provides you an opportunity to enjoy the sights of more than 8,000 birds. This park is also the award winning park with the highest artificial waterfall in the world. You will also love spending time close to the nature in this park.

Spend some time on a Cruisesingapore cruise

What could be better than enjoying the sights of Singapore river on a cruise with your dear and near ones. You will love the overall experience and freshness and charm it will bring to your life. Trust me, seeing Singapore through Cruise will never want you to leave the place. In fact, it is a must to do thing for all newly wed couples as the romantic feel and ambience of the cruise will help you grow your bond like never before.

Start your day earlyStart your day early in singapore

If you really want to make the most out of your Singapore trip and want to cover all the places in a few days than there is no better way than starting your Singapore excursion early. All you need to do is to put on your sports shoes and start your day by visiting Singapore Botanic Garden that opens at 5A.M. The great thing about this Botanic Garden is that  this tourist place is 150 years old that houses numerous horticultural attractions.

Take Breaks to Resttake breaks

It is very important to understand that going on a vacation is not just about exploring places and roaming here and there. But it is also about giving yourself a break from all the hustles and bustles of life and allow your body to rest by getting a good amount of sleep. Singapore may have an endless list of tourist attractions and amazing food to taste, but give yourself an ample amount of rest to start your next day with freshness and energy is also very important.

Explore the cultureexplore the singapore culture

Singapore is all about the rich culture and tradition and it is not wrong to say that this place has a culture within a culture. This place also allows you to explore the culture of China, India and Arab, by visiting Little India,  Little China and Little Arab street.

Soak yourself in the Sunsoak yourself in singapore sun

To enjoy your luxury time in Singapore, all you need to do is to go to a sandy beach and relax yourself. Drink your favorite cocktail and enjoy the feel of Singapore’s amazing tropical climate. You can also head to Sentosa to enjoy your time with swimming dolphins.

Get some Altitudeget some in singapore

For all those people who love heights or are interested in enjoying the paranomic sight of the Singapore, then this place has plenty of options to do so. From Singapore Flyer to the Sands Sky Park at Marina Bay, you can go to multiple places to enjoy the exquisite site of the down below from the top. The best thing about Singapore’s flyer is that your car will be so large and the flyer wheel will move so slowly that you will not feel any fear while enjoying a ride on Singapore flyer. You can also visit at the 1-Altitude Gallery which is located at the highest point in Singapore.

Praise Modern Artmodern art in singapore

If you are an art lover and love spending time exploring exquisite art, then Ritz- Cartlon hotel is the best place for you. Some of the displays include Rainer Gross’ geometric compositions as well as Andy Warhol and David Hockney’s vibrant use of colors in their art.

Explore the Reptile’s worldreptile park in singapore

Spread in the area of 2 hectares, this park is the largest reptile park in Asia. This park is a home to thousands of crocodiles as well as king cobras, python, anacondas and many other varieties of reptiles. Visiting this place will surely help you bring some great memories home.

Explore the eateries and Restaurantstry the glorious food in singapore

The mouthwatering and lip smacking food of Singapore will make you fall in love with the place even more. There are many amazing restaurants, cafes and food points available to help you take care of your hunger pangs. You will love the exotic flavors and taste of the food here.

Singapore hotel suits every budgetsingapore hotels that suit every budget

Yes, being one of the most popular destinations in the world, Singapore offers uncountable options to stay for tourists. From luxurious to affordable hotels and resorts, you will get anything you need in Singapore. These hotels will take care of all your requirements and will make sure you have a great time staying there.

So whenever you plan your trip to Singapore, just make sure to keep all these above mentioned tips in mind and explore the place in the best way possible. Whether you believe it or not, but a little research about the destination you are planning to go can save you from facing troubles. So remember these tips and have a great time in Singapore.

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