Parenting is a really tough job no matter how old you are. There might be meaningful memories and moments with your newborn which you wish to make during your travel. But it is a really hard thing to maintain your wanderlust as well as your newborn baby.

Family travel with a newborn is an eye opener for every parent. Sometimes it’s a positive experience and sometimes it’s a negative experience. At times it becomes an ordeal but the flight attendants are usually helpful and seem ambivalent to the babies and the kids. It becomes even more challenging with the fellow passengers if they are uncooperative. But still, you can make the entire trip pleasant and enjoyable by following some basic tricks.


That is the main key since the babies can’t apologize for themselves, you need to do it on time and again. If the crying or any action of your baby is causing discomfort to any fellow passenger, you should apologize immediately and not show any indifference towards them. Although you cannot placate the passenger, you have to go on giving sympathetic nods and say sorry to them. If the cute kid likes the passenger, let them play too for a while.

Make proper reservations

Try to avoid last moment reservations when you are traveling with the baby. Child safety and certain restrictions should be followed. You should prefer the window seat, as it is convenient and it does not create problems in the passage. It better to take the seat far forward as the latter portion creates more noise and it also vibrates more. If you have an active child, it is better to use the bulkhead rows but they are less spacious. They are of no use when you are landing or taking off and you cannot carry most of the carry-ons that you might be needing.

Baggage handling

When you are traveling with a baby, you tend to have more luggage. At this point a stroller becomes helpful. You will get a tag for it and you can check in with that itself.

Watch the baby

You should always be careful with your baby. He or she might get hurt during the boarding fray. People might drop something accidentally or hit them with their bags or something. Therefore one adult should board first carrying everything and the other one should board last carrying the baby. It is best to buy a ticket for your baby and also bring a safety seat.

The safety seat should be installed properly. It is best to look for child-friendly airlines and airports to have a really good experience. Few airlines have a good reputation overall and remain child-friendly. You should not be over-anxious or over structured, as it might be a bad thing when traveling with a baby. If your baby is friendly it’s the best thing while traveling, but if he or she is cranky, you will have to find a way that suits them more.


If either of you is unwell, it’s better not to take up the trip. If you are tired or not in great health, it is recommended to go with organized tours. By this way, you will not be needing to bother about other things and it will be less stressful for you.


While traveling feeding your baby is another important criteria. You can either breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. Most mothers feel the former is easier since mixing the formula during flight travel is less convenient. If your baby is dependent on formula, then it is better to carry the formula as there might be unavailability for it.

Luggage for babies

The luggage for your journey should be packed properly including the medicines as well as other extra requirements. Strollers, baby seats,and nappies are the prime important items over here. It is better to carry more things of what your baby requires. The stroller is important so that youcan stroll your baby everywhere whenever you are not carrying him or her on your lap or arms.

Choose the perfect destination

While you are traveling with your baby, it is very important to choose your destination wisely. Try to avoid too hot or too cold places as the babies might feel really uncomfortable or might even fall sick. It would remain as the most inconvenient situation while traveling away from home. There are some destinations which are great to travel with babies and some are not. So you need to research properly before deciding a perfect destination.

Delight while traveling with babies

Babies don’t fuss much as they just eat and sleep. You can feed them easily if they are breastfeeding. You can even put them in a baby carrier where they can snuggle and sleep all the time. You can easily take them to restaurants and museums and stroll them around or put them in the carrier. No extra cost is required for your baby in museums, plane, for meals, parks or elsewhere. You can take them anywhere as they are easily portable at this young age.

Certain cons

Although they are a delight most of the time, there are certain problems too. You might feel sleep deprived while you are traveling with your baby as they do not have a proper sleeping cycle. They might be really cranky at times which might be inconvenient for you. They do not follow instructions, so it is really difficult for you to maintain them at times, especially when you need to change their nappies.

Too much of luggage and a lack of routine and schedule might be adding to the problem. If you have a non-sleeping or sick baby, the flight might be very chaotic and stressful for you and also for your fellow passengers. You might have to stay awake at a stretch with the baby and if it’s a jet lag on top of that, the situation may remain really frustrating.

Overall, it will be a new learning experience for you to travel with a baby.  No matter how much guidelines you follow, you will always end up learning something new in the end.

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