Children between the age group of 2 to 8 are very curious. They go to kindergarten and preschool and they are always interested in what is going on around them. In the name of game, they dig around every part of their curiosity by exploring every possible thing under the sun. They actually have a lot of fun while visiting other kids in the neighbourhood. To take them while traveling, you need to have a proper pre-trip planning.

Things to do before you go

Reading picture books is a great thing while you are traveling with kids. You need to create a lot of interest by reading them about the vacation destination that they are going to. Take suggestions from your kids about the places they would love to visit and make sure you include them in your itinerary. Apart from making them have the local cuisine, you should always try to introduce them to another type of cuisines too, especially if you are traveling to a different country. This way they will not have any problem to try out the varied cuisines found in that country. You can even carry a jar of their favorite peanut butter or spaghetti with them while you are traveling.

Always spot the bathrooms

When you are traveling with your kid, you should make sure to figure out the nearest bathrooms in beaches, restaurant, museums, theme park and other places. This way you can easily take them to the nearest washroom whenever they felt like using it. Carry sensors in places having automatic flushing sensors. Your new potty-trained child might get nervous if it gets flushed suddenly. This way you can just peel off the sticker after they are done using it.

For the little younger ones

When you are on a flight with the little younger ones, inspite of making them wear the pants, you should make sure that they are wearing diapers too. It really helps when they are strapped in their seats but needs to use the washroom almost immediately. Using the training pants are helpful when they are sleeping on the flights. You might not understand their need to use the washroom. This way you can save yourself as well as them from any messy situation.

Using car seat harnesses

Some kids have a tendency to lull off while traveling in cars. They might get very easily accustomed to napping well in the cars. The same might happen during a long flight or on an overnight flight. If they find a familiar thing in an unfamiliar surrounding, they get very easily excited. Car seats are permitted on many flights. So it is better to carry from home or at least rent it for the time being. Car seat harnesses are usually very bulky so you can take them on rent at the gate of the airport with almost no cost. It will be easier that way. You can put it in a trash bag and carry it with you, as it hardly weighs around 24 pounds.

Always be careful

This is the utmost important thing while traveling with kids in the flight. During the long flight, people usually stand up and stretch themselves. Kids also have a tendency to walk around the aisle of the flight. Don’t take anything more than necessary along with yourself so that there is enough space for your kid to walk along the aisle. Just be careful and make them walk a bit before the flight takes off too. They will get accustomed to it easily.

To go on is the key

While traveling with kids in a car, you should always play by your conventional wisdom. But if your kids are happy while going in a car, you should go on driving no matter how hungry you are. Usually, people tend to take a break in every 2-3 hours but the advice is to go on. If they start to make a fuss, you can stop the car, but not until then. Carry enough snacks or food when you are taking kids along with you. Let them use the restroom whenever they need to. When they sleep, it is better not to wake them up.

Unexpected treats

It is always better to make them eat healthy while you are traveling with kids so that they don’t fall asleep. You can buy inexpensive toys to give them whenever they get cranky or bored so that they become less fussy during road trips. They usually love sugary treats while traveling. So it is better to carry a few sugary items while going on long trips to keep them engaged. Carry games that they can play while traveling so that they can enjoy themselves.

Nap schedule

Kids usually develop a nap schedule of their own. It is the best idea to stick to it. Getting used to the routine of vacation might be a bit hectic, but it is best that way. Breaks should be planned as and when required. Midday breaks are sometimes essential during trips to recharge yourselves. Always adhere to the routine as that will be best for your preschooler. If you plan to eat out, it is always best to eat out early. This way you will avoid the crowds and will save yourself from your kids being fussy while waiting in the queue for a long time.

Cook it up

If you are taking a personal kitchen during your trip, you should surely try to cook for the kids and avoid eating out. It will not only be a healthier way but you can also choose from a wide range of items that your kid loves to eat and prepare according to their choice. It will even be less costly than eating out at fancy restaurants.

While traveling, make sure you have a great time with your kids. You should pack things according to their preference and make them carry their own bags. Carry separate outfits for them. If you are traveling with more than one kid, it is better to carry no toys as they might fight over it. The key is to understand them and their needs while traveling.

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