Travel is a fun if you accept all the challenges as part of the thrill of the journey. If you are an international traveler or about to conduct an international tour, then you would have faced various challenges.

One of the key issues that the travelers face while traveling the foreign countries is the ‘language barriers’. These two words should be typed in caps as this is really a major difficulty that maximum travelers face while traveling. Sometimes tourists hesitate and change the destination as the language seems incomprehensible to them.  Let not the language be the hindrance of your dream tour but go through the tips to overcome this barrier and travel wherever you wish to.

Key tips to overcome language barriers

1. Respect the local language:

If you are in a foreign land and fail to understand their words you need to show respect to the local language. Sometimes the local people find the foreigners suspicious and they do not want to cooperate. However, if you are able to make them understand that you respect their language and try to understand the words they will warm up to you.


You have to show love, appreciation, and admiration to their language to get proper collaboration from the locals. Learning a new language in a few days is not easy or just next to impossible. But all you can do is follow their hand and face movements while talking to understand their language.

2. Know which is language is spoken:

There are citizens who speak different languages in a country and it is not possible for you to chalk out each language before exploring. So all you need to do is find out the specific language which is spoken at the place which you are about to explore.


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You can learn some the popular phrases that are used often to express gentility. If you show your urge for learning their language you would be warmly welcomed by them. You are advised to act never like a foreigner but always try to be one of them. Doing so they would not deal with you like an alien but would gladly help you so that you can adjust in the new place.

3. Try to learn some words:

It would be wise if you make some effort to learn some of the common words that are often used to maintain decorum and civility. Words such as ‘good morning, ‘hello’, ‘good night’, ‘how do you do?’ you must try to learn in their native language and use a bit to show your desire of learning their language. These kinds of minor efforts make the major positive effect and thus the local people would find you harmless and would help you in all possible way with polite behavior.


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Never feel ashamed of using a foreign language as you are only able to deliver the broken words. Your effort would make the ultimate effect.

4. Technology:

One of the best ways to overcome the language barrier is the use of technology. Do you possess a smartphone? If yes then all you can do is download a quality language app which would articulate local phrases for you.


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There are ample of good apps are available in the online stores providing necessary information just followed by few touches. You can choose the apt one for you. But if you still find it trouble to speak properly or even understand properly you can search some fruitful apps for your business. Word Lens is one of the renowned mobile apps for language that translate Spanish to English.

5. Learn local customs:

Every new place is adorned with some local rituals and customs. One of the effective ways to overcome the barriers is to learn the local customs and behave just like the natives. Sounds weird? Not really as it is quite easy to copy their rituals. All you need to do is just watch their body language and movements and observe their gesture, how the locals behave and pose while talking.


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To clear the confusion here is an example. In India you do not need to point with your feet but in Japan, you would not be allowed to walk into a house wearing the shoes. Similarly, there are such easy customs that if you follow you would be appreciated by the natives.

6. Develop a thick skin:

While traveling foreign countries one thing that you must remember is you are the outsider and also the oddity. And thus the locals may pass comments and taunt you in their language. Some of the comments may offense you a bit. But you must not react in a negative gesture.


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Most of the natives think that you do not understand their language and thus they pass comments. Even if you do understand the words you are advised not to react, just try to be less sensitive.

7. Check if English is spoken:


English is a universal language and is spoken widely across the world. So there is an immense chance that English would be available in most of the tourist destinations. So it would be wise to check if the local people know English or not before you start stumbling in the native language. You must be lucky if you find people who speak good English or at least manage a few words in English. So before trying local words check if anyone is there with little knowledge of English language.

8. Speak with pause:

You don’t want your listener to get confused after listening to your words right? Then you need to add necessary pauses and articulate each word slowly. Be careful that your accent doesn’t confuse the listener and thus speak with proper pronunciation and longer pauses.


You must not speak loudly as it may be insulting. Ensure to speak in soft and lower voice. While talking, try to stick to the easiest words that you can manage well and forget grammar.

These are some of the easy tips to overcome language barrier while traveling abroad. Hope these tips remain useful especially when you go tripping to a foreign nation. If you have any suggestions or new ideas, please share with us in the below comment box. It would definitely be useful for other readers.

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