Travelling has forever been our favorite ‘go-to’ de-stressing formula and is a perfect antidote for all things boredom. A romantic gateway for all escapists, traveling sets you free and gives you ample scope to reflect within and listen to what lies within the soul.

Travel somewhere new, every year”, must be the motto for all passionate backpackers across the globe. That said there must be a few travel resolutions up on your sleeves, which deserves all the attention and consideration: be it a solo trip or challenging yourself into a remote area that is cut out from the world.

Utilize your vacation days to the maximum

Before you start working on your travel resolution, you must first sit and chalk out your vacation days from your office calendar and holiday list. If you have ample of vacation days hoarded up on the calendar, then utilize them to the maximum to travel around the world.

It is impossible to take off from your busy schedule. It is recommended to plan for an elongated weekend trip, which would be fine for any kind of place. A weekend is more than enough to go unravel a new city or town. All you really have to do is, search and lookout for places, calculate on the flight timings, plan accordingly and maximize your weekend trip. Be it exploring the artifacts of an off-beaten museum in the neighboring cities or chilling at the theme parks or even sipping into authentic wine at the local vineyards, you can have the perfect thrill of a vacation without blowing up on your savings or exhausting your vacation days.

Learn up a new dialect:

Learning and getting familiar with a different dialect is not only a fun thing to do, but is quite useful when traveling to a new destination having the dialect you just learned. Besides, language learning adds that extra charm and spark to your persona. Seek help from the different language learning apps on your smartphone before reaching the destination. Ensure to able your phone with a translation app which would help you engage in a real fun conversation, once you are done learning the language.

Explore a new city:


Keep a tab on the best flight deals, which are great deal efficient in helping you to explore a new city, which you have never been before and certainly envied on, after viewing it on the travel blogs and magazines. The best possible way to keep track of the deals is by signing into the airline’s alerts of your home airport. You can even follow the deals and offers by airlines on their social media posts, where they keep doling out flash sales.

Leave the world behind:

Remote areas might sound uncanny and absurd for a travel destination, but sometimes all we really need in life is to unwind and stay close with nature sans all the worldly chaos and SMS notifications. What better way to escape the city chaos and hullabaloo than by hitting on an off-beaten path and trail into a far-flung spot: somewhere amidst the rainforests or on a lone island that spells ‘mystic’. The best remote regions cut you off from the mobile networks, thus allowing you with a liberation of mind, unshackling you from all the stress and worldly burden.

Get tickets done as early as possible:


Buying tickets early can fetch you cheaper rates and help you grab some amazing and irresistible deals besides saving your pockets. Fetch help from the forecasting apps to learn when to hit the deal.

Go cashless:

Going cashless offers various benefits besides being easy and convenient. Using your credit cards means you would be able to gather up points, and bonus for your upcoming shopping and other luxuries. Also, there is no other better way to spend crazy on your travel than by becoming a double point incentive holder.

Eat Healthy:

While it is absolutely necessary to binge and fill up on local delicacies, what is absolutely not fine is to over-indulge on them and fall sick, thus ruining the whole of your trip. So it is always good to resolute on eating healthy and cut down on excessive sugar and carbohydrates intake. One might afford to taste a spoonful of the country’s or the city’s culinary pride, but must never ever make the mistake of overeating, no matter how insanely delicious the dish is.

Spend wise:

One of the most important elements to be thought on and taken care is the thing that keeps you going: money. Save on bucks, wherever and whenever possible, and use it wisely on the next trip that is yet to tick off from the bucket list, instead of sticking up on overpriced souvenirs and wines.

Pack it right:pack-right-visiit-packages

Packing must be done wisely before hitting the airport. Heavy luggage is not only a burden on your shoulders but it is also known to restrain your free movement and stops you from taking the walking distances. Pack things wisely and fill in with essentials and not with something that you wouldn’t be needing in the entire trip. Start packing one month ahead of your vacation to avoid missing out on important things and slack down on those extra apparels: The lesser your luggage, the better you enjoy.

Travel for some goodness:

Get engaged in some volunteer job abroad or organize a trip. The world is full of chaos and needs your help, so why not travel for a good cause and reach out to those who need you. The Syrian refugees who get displaced and seek help on the Lesbos Island for instance. There is nothing more satiating than by doing something good for those who are in dire need of help.

Before you hit upon the untamed paths of the world, try exploring something new. These are some of the basic travel resolutions that must be on everyone’s to-do list. With such easy and simple resolutions done, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from traveling the world sans worries.

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