Yoga.. A Divine Travel into Yourself

Yoga – This is one word that has transcended from being a very ‘desi’ one to a Global one – thanks to the International Yoga Day initiative. Well… Why not, right? When there’s some activity that can give wholesome health and a lifestyle, it deserves to be a part of our lives!

Though we may argue that Yoga is an individual affair – a connect with your inner-self that you can do anywhere, here are a few places we thought would make your yoga-experience more wholesome.

Yes… All the places are from India! What better way to honor the country that gave Yoga (and the Yoga Day) to the world!?!



Situated in Uttarkhand, this place stands as an example of how a Yoga-enthusiast’s paradise should be! The vast green landscapes, the ashrams around, and the soothing trickles of the River Bagirathi make it a perfect spot for you to stretch your imagination and your body as well!! What’s more? The chill of the air around makes you forget all your stress-factors… something much-needed for Yoga!

Thriveni Sangamam

Thriveni Sangamam – the divine confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati – is a place that is conceived to be more divine and holy than the banks of the Ganges. This surely is a place that Yogis who will look forward to connect with the Divine – not essentially a Godly entity, but maybe even with their inner-self! After all, this is what Yoga is about right?



Auroville is a very special place that has been created (literally!) with the motive of peace, oneness and closeness to the Divine! Yoga can’t get any better than in here! Though the ‘Matri Mandir’ gives a feel-unparalleled, even the serene greenery surrounding it makes Auroville an ideal place for you to meditate, relax… and do Yoga as well!!

Gokarna Beach


It is said that there’s nothing relaxing like salt-water – sweat, tears… or the seas! Gokarna – one of the most serene and relaxing beaches makes it an ideal spot for your yoga-endeavors! If you’d like to ‘chill out’ in both a yogic sense and a worldly sense, Gokarna is the perfect spot for you!! Simply put, it’s a confluence of Baga and Badrinath made into a beautiful beach!!

Vivekananda Rock

If one of the greatest legends that India, or probably the World has ever seen, has chosen to meditate at this spot, it couldn’t possibly be wrong! Yes… Gokarna is a great beach, but in the next level, imagine being surrounded by waters on all sides… and the lash of the waves being a background score to your enigmatic yoga-experience!! That is what makes Vivekananda Rock a great place for Yoga!!

These places are sure to make your yoga-experience transcend a couple of levels! After all, just like Yoga, travel is also a form a self-realization, relaxation & awesomeness as well!

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  1. Yoga is best for health. Having great list for best destinations for yoga!!

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