Dubai, a glorious city shining within the lap of Persian gulf, dominating its skyline with modernistic architecture with its glooming mesmerizing grandeur in the night, blending with luxurious lifestyle, has now become a dream for those who plans to celebrate their honeymoon, the most special part of their life, turning into a memory worth to treasure in their lifetime.  Unfolding its reach to the vast crystalline desert, flashing in the mirage of deserted sand, emerges a cosmopolitan city filled with its own artificial Islands, flaunting beaches in the backdrop of luxurious residences, it’s a perfect destination to experience the beginning of a new life together.

The best approach to fancy this commencement can be summaries in the following ways:

1. Spoil yourself into the luxurious habitation:

   For someone who is aiming for the luxury, Dubai has a big reservoir for it in the name of high-end hotels, villas and residences. Whether you are looking a shopping in their huge malls, or wishing to achieve a dream of staying on the top of the world in Dubai spectacular high rise “Burj Al Arab” or maybe spoil yourself in the beachfront water luxuries of its tranquil islands and beaches such as “Jabel Ali Hotel”, Dubai has everything to offer.

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2. Candle light Romantic dinner in Bhurj Khalifa:

   Dubai has some of the finest world class restaurants, but enjoying the extreme luxury in the world tallest building “Burj Khalifa” is one of the best romantic dreams for newly wedded couples. Its famous restaurant “AT.MOSPHERE” has their own private and premium dining experiences at the highest level where sitting next to the glass windows, holding hands together, one can enjoy the fascinating panoramic views of the amazing skyline.

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3. Witness enthralling sunrise on Hot Air Balloon:

   The first thing to start from the wedlock of the newly marriage can be opting for one-to-few hours ride of Hot Air Balloon in Dubai. Taking a ride above in the sky over the never ending Arabian desert and capturing the enriching views of sun rising between the clouds, surrounded by the flapping falcons around you, these are the moments cherished in the heart forever.

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4. Indulge in the special experience of Desert & Camel safari Together:

   The second-best thing after enjoying the Hot air balloon ride could be going for a 7-hour desert safari adventure trip from Dubai.  Capturing the glimpse of the vast Lahbab desert (which is about 50km from Dubai) radiating its nurturing flames of red sand-dunes, its indeed one of the most admirable sights. You can fancy yourself holding tight and enjoying the adventure of Dune-bashing hopping all over those high sand-dunes or going for camel ride together. Indulging into the delicious Barbeque dinner at night between the lap of those amazing sand-dunes, is a trip worth remembering for!


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5. Try the exhilarating experience of Sky-Diving together:

   The ultimate thrill of free-fall at over 120 miles per hour can turn out to be one of the best memorable experience for the newly wedded couples. You can fly over the iconic Palm Jumeriah islands and gaze the grand luxurious city from the top or you can try the free-fall over the amazing vast sand dune and get lost in the mesmerizing desert ocean.

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6. Pamper yourself in Dubai Shopping Festival:

   Planning your honeymoon during the month of January can also yield the benefits of enjoying the famous Dubai Shopping festival. It’s an auspicious festival where the dreams of women heart can come alive. Buying her favorite diamonds or her own selected pic of jewelry, would not only win her heart but also these moments will be cherished forever.

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7. Divulge yourself into rejuvenation Spa treatment:

   Divulge and lost yourself into the majestic spa treatment Dubai has to offer. One of the famous Spa at the Dubai famous iconic “Palm Jumeriah” is a perfect location of enjoying the mesmerizing magical Therapeutic experiences of both Thai and Arabian mix of vast beauty and wellness options where they used many different types of innovative and contemporary techniques.

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8. Swirl together into the world’s largest slide at Atlantis Aqua venture Park:

   One of the huge enormous water parks in the world known as “Atlantis Aqua venture Park” is perfect spot to go for fun loaded adventure for the rest of the day. Holding each other while swirling across the one of the largest slide of the world is a dream pack thrilling adventure. Water park is set into one of the great locations which will also offer you unbeatable views of all times!

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9. Scuba Dive together with Dolphins at ATLANTIS in Dubai: 

   Atlantis, The Palm, one of the most prestigious hotels of Dubai offers an unforgettable scuba diving experience and the thing which makes it special is you get the opportunity to actually dive and play with Dolphins by yourself. It’s a best experience to discover in Dubai especially for newly wedded couples.  You will be given a basic training thereafter you are given the chance to feed the fish to the dolphins. After you dive into the bottom of the lagoon where the Dolphins will swim by across you. The whole experience is just majestic and adorable!

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10. Enjoy sun-bathing in Dubai’s splendid beaches: 

   After grasping all the fun-filled adventures, the next best things is to enjoy a splendid Sun-bathing in the famous beaches of Dubai. Feel the warmth of gleaming sun getting ready to set aside into the vast blue horizon of water radiating its reddish flames and merging in the sea-line. Although they are both public and private beaches, but for honeymooners its always best to opt for one of the best private beach option in Dubai to have their own special time together. “Habtoor Grand beach resort and Spa” is one of the famous beach destination of Dubai where you can stroll down or swim into the pool side beach and capture one the best panoramic sea views in your heart.

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11. Experience the enriching Dhow Cruise evening together:

   One of the experience which you can’t afford to miss, especially when are you on your honeymoon, is an evening of Dhow cruise experience. Cruising down the Dubai creek offers some great beautiful sights. Gleaming lights of Dubai creek with soothing music and Tanura dance while having your best romantic dinner, is a wonderful feeling!

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12. Spend a day discovering the history at Dubai Museum’s: 

   Situated in Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum is one of the oldest building in Dubai. A Tranquil place to voyage the journey of Dubai upscale modernistic boom and development, providing a vision of future of Dubai’s cityscapes, it’s a unique way to experience Dubai.

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13. Experience Skiing in the Arabian Desert:

   Situated in the one of largest shopping malls of Dubai is a sky resort which offers indoor skiing activities. It consists of 85 meter indoor mountains with 5 different slopes. Once can spend a day enjoying the magical snow park zone and take some fun Ski dives together take make a memorable moment of all time.

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14. Go for evening Stroll through Dubai Marina walk:

   A beachfront paved walkway with hundreds of outlets and restaurants, Dubai marina walk is one of the famous destinations in the world. It is situated near Jumeriah beach which offers spectacular views of Arabian gulf. Experience the upscale market street while having your favorite dinner together while experience some amazing views, is one of the best ways to enjoy evening together on honeymoon.

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15Capture night views with Helicopter ride:

   Last but not the least, opting about 22 minutes ride over Dubai during night, is one of best memorable ways to complete your trip. Glittering nights-capes of amazing palm islands, dazzling Dubai creek, enchanting heritage monuments, it’s one of the enthralling photogenic views in the world to experience.

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   Bestowing a special time together amidst this amazing city of Dubai is perfect way to spend your honeymoon. A city with cosmopolitan life and at the same time filled with culture and heritage, swarming with luxurious and adventures, it’s an ultimate destination to experience the beginning of married life together!

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