Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary any Ornithologist, be it amateur or professional, in the circles of north Tamil Nadu. Vedanthangal is bound to be a part of their vocabulary.

Serving as an Airbnb for the birds that visit Tamil Nadu. This lake is a Paradise, both for birds and bird watchers alike. The history of this place goes beyond times immemorial. The locals of this place new the very special and secret relationship that birds from all over the world had with this lake.


During the late 19th century, the locals of this place petitioned. Then collector of that distracted to stop the Britishers from hunting birds that came to take refuge in that lake. That request is responds with a reaction that was higher in magnitude than expected. The collector declared the Vedanthangal Lake area as a bird sanctuary and prohibited any hunting activity whatsoever in the premises. This was a reason, not only for the locals to rejoice but also for the entire community of nature lovers who are not known by that tag then.

Fast forward his century and so many things have changed. There are new Technologies, And The, conservation techniques have evolved. However, if there is one thing that hasn’t changed. It is the quotient of attraction that Vedanthangal has maintained towards all the species of birds from all around the world. It is said that pictures speak louder than words, but sometimes numbers speak louder than pictures. Vedanthangal being a home to over 40000 species of migratory birds, among which 27 species are really rare, stands as a resounding testimony to the awesomeness of this place!


No place can achieve its tourist greatness if not for the support from the locals. We all know that Diwali is the most important festivals in India. The locals of this Village have decided to forgo one of the most culturally significant happenings of Diwali. They have decided not to bust any crackers just because it would be a hindrance and difficulty for the feathered friends who seek refuge in their village.

The Vedanthangal lake situates at 122 meters above the sea level. The lake is consider to be a source of Agricultural water for over 250 acres of land. The maximum depth of this lake is 5 M. This makes it ideal for a lot of fishing Birds to pitch their camp during the peak season. The bird Park features an observation Tower with high power binoculars and a walk away around the lake which is bound to be a relaxing experience, especially when your work is accompanied by the church of birds rather than the song on your phone or iPod.


In the year 1972, the Government of Tamilnadu declared Vedanthangal as National Park. It means for the conservation of bird species. If there is something that we can be proud achieving in the past 50 years. Towards this conservation of wildlife in the history of Tamil Nadu, the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary should be a feather on the cap, literally!

If we were to give a list of words that come to Vedanthangal during the season. A few of the species include cormorants, egrets, herons, ibises, storks, darters, sandpipers, shovellers, ducks, spoonbills, and pelicans. The barringtonia trees provide the perfect platforms for the birds to build their nests during the peak season.


The government has taken a lot of steps to conserve Vedanthangal beyond what it can offer the birds. The Public Works Department has built water channels from nearby lakes to facilitate a smooth inflow of water that will make sure that the birds are comfortable during the season.

Now that you all know about the awesomeness of Vedanthangal. If you are waiting for the perfect season to visit this Paradise of bird lovers and nature lovers. Then we have some good news for you! The Vedanthangal season is just open and the birds have already started flocking in point what are you waiting for? Just hit a nice ride or a drive towards Vedanthangal, if possible on an early morning or late evening to get the best of Birds, not only from Tamilnadu, not only from India but the entire awesome Green Planet.

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