Walking Street Pattaya

Parties, club, bars and nightlife, it’s a feeling that everyone desires to enjoy. Whether you are traveling on a vacation, or want a break from your seemingly tiring daily job schedule, catching up with friends in a bar, or exploring the night by yourself or simply the wish for some fun, everyone wants to have the taste for it. ‘Walking Street Pattaya’ is one those nightlife places full of sheer fun and excitements where you could find anything between clubs, bars, restaurants etc.

walking street pattayaWalking Street is one of the most illustrious streets of south Pattaya.  A Street which hardly slumbers in the night while unfolding its charisma into a glamorous pleasure and fun. It is usually packed with bars, discos, nightclubs, go-go bars and cabaret shows. Stretching to almost a full kilometer from Beach Road to Pali Hai Pier end, it has so much to experience.

walking street pattaya entranceThe approach towards the street itself jolts the excitement inside the heart. The moment you enter from Beach end road, your eyes are lightened by twirling neon lights in different size and magnitude reflecting behind the huge signages. The crowd staggering over the whole stretch of the street is just enormous. People coming from all over the world, either tourist or expats living and working there for some time or tour groups, all pushing themselves forward for a goal to have pack full of fun all night.

As you more descent into the street, louds beat of music begin booming inside your ears, people are swarming outside of bars, drinking and enjoying the night, Thai girls approaching towards you in order to allure more customers, the strip clubs are ignited with girls jiggling around the club windows, there is always something to watch and experience for everyone. Young group of people walking along, fancying the views in their minds and cracking jokes with their friends, couples holding hands in their arms walking and experiencing the glittering shine of the glamour or sometimes some old chaps wandering in a hope of reliving a moment of their lives again, Pattaya walking street is fun loaded for everyone.

Type of Venues to look for:

The walking street is bundled with tremendous amount of venues to look far, whether you are coming for the first time of re-visiting again, the search can ever be endless. However, the following summarizes the types available to perceive an idea among the best suitable options surrounding them.

  • Beer Bars:beer bars walking street bangkok

    Beers bars are one of the most conventionally adapted concept which is readily available along most part of Pattaya and the same could be located on Walking street as well. It resembles like an unsheltered cabin like structure consisting of square shape bar counters and enfolded by a ceiling on top. The bar girls who are sometimes also hired as prostitutes, hover around the customers in order to seduce their fancy interest while the staker gambles around on the bar stool for them. Although most of the customer are usually entertained by gossiping and chatting to these girls around, but in some cases, the bars also put on some live football shows or others sports TV channels to buy their interest.

  • Short time Bars:short time bars walking street pattaya

    While walking around the street, if you find group of girls flumping outside the bar advertising their services while calling you out in tempting ways, well you should know at the very moment you are already surrounded by short time bars. These bars front are covered with shady glazing and are usually  perceived as indoor bars only. These bars also have rooms on the upper floor and they pretty much operate like small time brothels. Sometimes these girls will try to lure customers by asking them out to share some time for a shower on the room upstairs which is mostly indication for night out.  These are also known as “Soi six” or simply the famous Soi street of Pattaya.

  • Go-Go Bars:go go bar walking street

    These bars have slightly different pattern. Depending on the size of how big the bar is, there will be Thai girl dancers (about 10-20 in numbers) walking around the table to entertain customers. Some will also lay down to chat with them. On the backdrop, there will be loud music bustling into the night, making the bar heightened into spirits of fun and entrainment. All these conversation does not really go much deep because of the language barrier but still people always found fun to interact with them. In some cases, most of these Go-Go bars put display of sizzling shows which showcase some spectacular dances of professional pole dancers. In addition to that there also many small performances of cabree dances as well which makes the whole idea of Go-Go bars entrained.

  • Nightclubs:walking street nightclubs

    The are various nightclub on the walking street. For someone who not only wants to have drinks and have fun with the girls but rather enjoy spending more into drinking and dancing, nightclubs are the best bet for them. These clubs are usually packed up all over night. One thing which is make it little expensive for these nightclubs are the prices for drinks which are slightly more expensive but fairly okay if considered around the rest of the world.

  • Live Music Bars and Restaurants:live music bar restaurants walking street

    While walking around the famous Pattaya street, you may stumble upon from a distance where you can watch live performances of singers and artistic performing on stage on varies genres. Although the set are usually the same for most days, but for someone who is found of enjoying live music while sipping their favorites drinks around the table, then these live music venues has the best enjoyment to offer.

How much beer cost on the street?

Walking street being the active nightlife of Pattaya spread across with numerous bars all around, most people would wonder how much drinking beer would actually cost here? The overall prices for drinking are fairly cheap and inexpensive as compare to Go-Go bars or nightclubs.  Imported beers such as Heniken & san Miguel would cost you around 50-90 Baht. The locally brewed bottles such as Singha or Chang would likely to fall under same price. However, imported spirits will set a little higher around 100-150Baht a glass. One of the things which is common but to be taken into account is that the drinks brought for females slightly varies and are a little more expensive than regular drinks but it’s still does not exceed a rough figure of 150Baht overall.

Things to know about Pattaya Bar girls :

As is simply known elsewhere, there are two girls which stands off in the category. One of them is the cashier which one can easily figure out and the other is called “mamasan” which is basically a female manager or in other words a ‘Pimp” who usually managers the activities happening around.  The rest of the female crowds across the bars play the role of ‘hostesses” who basically serves as prostitutes to lure customers around the tables while they are drinking and having fun. One interesting fact about these bar girls are, if any of the customer at any moment wishes to take these girls out for a night out, then they are usually charged with the ‘bar-fine’ of around 300-500 baht which is directly paid to the bill.  These ‘bar fines’ and ‘lady drinks’ are usually considered as the main source of extra commission for these bar girls other than their usual monthly wages.

Can couples or family visit these bars?

Although beer bars are mostly focused on indirect fun and prostitution but even if someone travelling as a couple or family, wishes to have a beer around these beer bars, it could still be fun to go around. They can simply enjoy having more couple of drinks, watching sports TV for entertainment or grab a hand on any of the pool table to have some play time. These types of clientele sometimes make out the most majority in the bars. Even for first time visitors, these bars are basically friendly places, where one can feel comfortable to blend-in with in no time.

Besides nightlife full of various bars and nightclubs, the walking street is also home for some famous restaurants providing all major cuisines but particularly famous for their sea food. The most of these are usually located on the water side. The sea food are fresh and delicious and display in front for attracting customers. One can practically pick their famous items from the display and thereafter request the restaurant to cook and serve to you in no time. The overall ambience adding the lively of walking street makes it perfect to enjoy while having your food side by side.

The walking street of Pattaya is big reservoir of ultimate fun and excitement. There is so much to see and experience that no matter how long you are putting up in the town, every day seems short. Every country has their own flavor of nightlife but to experience something more spectacular and glamorous, Pattaya walking street is a must do at least once in lifetime!

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