Waterfalls are one of the best of nature’s creation. When a river falls into a plunge pool followed by a vertical drop it creates a huge waterfall. The spectacular view of waterfall leaves everyone astonished and symbolizes the diversity of nature. There are so many incredible most famous waterfalls in Tamilnadu, India especially in the South region. Here are the lists of most popular waterfalls in the state of Tamilnadu to visit this monsoon.

Hogenakkal Falls:

Distance(from Dharmapuri): 46Km

Best Time to Visit:  October and March

On Kaveri River Hogenakkal Waterfall is one of the spectacular waterfalls in Tamilnadu, India. This waterfall is located on Dharmapuri District in Tamil Nadu. This place is 46 km from Dharmapuri and 180 km from Bangalore. In this waterfall, Carbonatite rocks are found which are considered to be the oldest in the world. A huge number of tourists gather here to view the splendid beauty of nature. This falls is splendid and popular, which is commonly called as the Niagra Falls of India.


The Govt. of Tamil Nadu has decided to undertake a project named Hogenakkal Integrated Drinking Water Project to convert the waterfall into a source of drinking water for the urban and rural people to get safe drinking water.

The word ‘Hogenakkal’ came from two Kannada words ‘hoge’ and ‘kal’ which means smoke and rock respectively. When the water falls on the rock, it looks like smoke is emanating from the top of the rocks. Thus the name Hogenakkal stands here. This waterfall is considered as a famous tourist destination not only for the magnificent waterfall, but tourists gather here for medicinal baths.

Best time to visit this place is just after the monsoon, but few prefer off seasons to skip the crowd. You can plan a trip between the months of October and March. The weather will be pleasant and enjoyable. It takes about 5 hours to reach Hogenakkal from Chennai.

The distance between Chennai and Hogenakkal is 285 km. If you are planning to go by bus, there is a direct bus from Chennai. Some people consider taking flight. In such case, you need to reach Bangalore by taking Indigo and then hire taxi to reach Hogenakkal from Bangalore. Hogenakkal is close from Bangalore.

Monkey Falls:

Distance(from Coimbatore): 65Km

Best Time to Visit:  October and March

The location of the monkey waterfall falls on the connecting Uphill Ghat road from Pollachi to Valparai. This natural and wonderful waterfalls is located about 6 km from Azhymer Dam. This excellent waterfall is located 65 km from Coimbatore. This place is one of the major tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu. Monkey fall is the ideal place for the children and adult to take a safe bath.


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To get to the fall an interesting trek route is available there, which is guided by local guides during the approachable seasons. If you want to visit monkey falls you need to take permission from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department before a fortnight.

While visiting Monkey falls beware of the monkeys as it would take and snatch things from hand, and also be very careful at your steps so that you don’t get slipped off the slippery rocks near the fall. The ticket fee is just Rs. 20 to enter this wonderful waterfall in Tamil Nadu.

It is best to visit Monkey waterfalls between October and March. We recommend you to avoid visiting during weekend because the place remains highly crowded. It is each to reach Monkey waterfalls from Pollachi through bus or taxi.

Catherine Falls:

Distance(from Coonoor): 20Km

Best Time to Visit:  October and March

Located at Kotagiri, The Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu, Catherine waterfall is a double-cascaded waterfall. This fall has been named after the wife of Montague Dundas Cockburn a coffee planter and also a district collector of Salem in Tamil Nadu. This waterfall is considered to be the highest waterfall of Nilgiri Mountain.


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Geddhehaada Halla is the native name of this waterfall which means ‘Foothills Dale River’. The whole Catherine waterfall can be clearly seen from the top of another spot called Dolphins view. The Catherine Falls is the second largest waterfalls in the Nilgiris. The height of this waterfall is about 250 feet. It is best to reach by trekking. There are numerous trekking spots available. As it is located close by Ooty, you can visit Catherine Falls from Ooty, situated 30kms from Ooty. You need to trek for about 2-3 kms to reach the peak of the falls.

Suruli falls:

Distance(from Theni): 56Km

Best Time to Visit:  June to October

Located in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, Suruli waterfall is 10 km from Cumbum and is 56 km from Theni main town. This spectacular waterfall has been originated from Meghamalai mountain range. The total height of this cascade waterfall is about 190 feet having two consecutive drops. The first drop is about 150 feet and falls into the plunge pool, then flows for a short distance and again plunges down for 40 feet. The water of this waterfall is said to be medicinal as it has been using for curing diseases and for the similar purposes.


This waterfall is one of the wonderful tourist locations as near Suruli waterfall there are 5 ancient caves which represent the architecture of Indian rock-cut from the earlier 11th century. There is a frequent bus service available for the tourists to reach to Suruli falls from Cumbum on the way to Peyier National park.

Best time to visit this waterfall during the monsoon period from June to October. This tourist friendly waterfall allows a safe shower to the children and adult both. A summer festival takes place every year in the Suruli falls by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department.

Thalaiyar Falls:

Distance(from Kodaikanal): 58Km

Best Time to Visit:  June to October

Situated at the Palani Hills of Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu Thalaiyar Falls is a 975 feet waterfall and is considered the highest waterfall of Tamil Nadu, the 6th highest waterfall in India and is the 26th highest waterfall in the world. This excellent waterfall is also known as Rat Tail falls and can be clearly viewed from the famous Dumdum Rock View Point located on the Batalugundu-Kodaikanal Ghat Road.


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The waterfall looks like a long thin stripe that has appeared across the valley. The top edges of the waterfall structuring a low concrete wall on both the sides make it look like s tail of a rat. If one wishes to reach the center of the waterfall need to walk along the edges. There is no sound of the waterfall at Thalaiyar fall, mostly silent. Only a smooth sound of water pushing the stone walls rises up.

The river from which this waterfall has been originated completes a journey of 9 km through Perumal Malai village. This downstream water flow is seemingly polluted thus the tourists are advised to not to drink the water.

Thalaiyar Falls is not a spot for general tourists as there is no simple road or way to reach the waterfall. The top of the waterfall is a challenging trekking destination but trekkers must be cautious as in 2006 two western hikers were dead as they fell down from the top of the waterfall.

Kumbakkarai Falls:

Distance(from Kodaikanal): 75Km

Best Time to Visit:  June to October

Located at the foothills of Kodaikanal Hills in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, Kumbakkarai Falls is lesser known falls to the tourists located nest to suruli falls. This waterfall has been originated from Pambar River having two stages. At the first stage, the water collects in a number of rock recesses which are called after the name of wild animals such as elephant, snake, tiger and so on. Then the river flows about 5km and then comes the 2nd stage and after the second stage, the water falls as the main waterfall.


Originated from the Kodaikanal hill the water flows along the rocks and finally reaches its destination foothills. This place is called Kumbakkarai here tourists gather to take the fun of bathing in the clear water of the falls. A continuous water flow is seen in Kumbakkarai waterfall but in the rainy season, the water level rises a little though bathing is possible.

To reach here tourists can avail bus services from Periyakulam with a ticket price Rs 5. If you are accompanied by women, children elderly person, you need to be very careful. You can stay or block rooms in Madurai, Periyakulam or Theni. If you prefer to stay in 5-star hotel, you can book hotels in Madurai. There is no accommodation in Kumbakkarai.

Ayyanar Falls:

Distance(from Rajapalayam): 10Km

Best Time to Visit:  February And December

Stationed at the west of Rajapalayam city in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu Ayyanar falls is one of the major tourist attraction of all time. This waterfall is 10 Km from Rajapalayam city located on the Western Ghat. This immensely spectacular waterfall gains its water source from the North East monsoon rain.


The water of this fall is mainly used for drinking purpose for the native people in Rajapalayam. Tourists not only from the east part of Virudhunagar come here but travelers across the India come here to explore this magnificent waterfall. There is dam stationed on the way to Ayyanar falls that serves water to the whole city.

Ayyanar waterfall is highly popular among the wildlife photographers who are seeking for capturing the breathtaking frames of biodiversity of the Western Ghats. This places also gives a wonderful opportunity to experience the Woodland Mountain Climbing. This splendid waterfall also provides water and food to the wilds animals such as deer, elephants, monkeys, and Buffalo.

There is significant story behind the name Ayyanar as there is a small forest temple named Neer Katha Ayyanar Temple beside the waterfall. This waterfall has been named after that forest temple. This temple is more than 500 years old. Devotees from different locations come to Ayyanar temple they perform Abhishek and look for the solutions of various problems in their family and in their working place. Few devotees feed the poor and donate money to the temple.

Coutrallam Falls:

Distance(from Tirunelveli): 80Km

Best Time to Visit:  July to December

Situated on the Coutrallam in Tirunelveli district Tamil Nadu, Coutrallam Falls is considered as ‘medical Spa’ because of the medical smell on the water. According to Hindu mythology, sage Agasthya has got the grace of Lord Shiva and set this place as his home and create this medicinal falls to cure his headache.  This splendid waterfall is located on the Western Ghat on the Chittar river.


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Coutrallam waterfall is one of the most prominent waterfalls all over India as this place always remains a bit crowded by the devotees of Papasanathar temple and Sabarimala. During the monsoon season from July to September the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) organizes boats to be operated during the heavy monsoon season. This wonderful waterfall in Tamil Nadu is highly famous among the travelers as well as among the devotees.

Agaya Gangai:

Distance(from Namakkal): 54Km

Best Time to Visit:  November to January


This waterfall is stationed on the Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghat in Namakkal District. It is a 300 feet waterfall cascading down as Agaya Gangai. This waterfall has been originated from a  jungle stream named Panchanathi which is later known as Agaya Gangai. The main water source of this waterfall is mainly from the Aiyaru River located near Arapaleeswarar temple. There are caves of Korakka Siddhar and Kalaanginatha Siddhar stationed near the Agaya Gangai waterfall inside the forest region.

Tirparappu Waterfall:

Distance(from Kanyakumari): 55Km

Best Time to Visit:  Winters Season

Situated at the Kanyakumari District, Tirparappu Waterfall is one of the spectacular waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. This very place is 13km from Pechiparai Dam. Tirparappu waterfall is near about 50 feet in height and the rocky river bed is 300 feet in length. There is a continuous water flow for 7 months a year in this river bed which is a complete rocky mass having an extension of 250 meters.


A Tirparappu weir has been constructed on the river bed for supplying necessary water to crop fields. In between the weir and the waterfall on the left bank of the river, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is believed to be very sacred temple from the ancient time.

Law’s waterfall:

Distance(from Coonoor): 10Km

Best Time to Visit:  October and March

Located at 10 km from Coonoor and near about 27 km from Ooty Law’s Waterfall falls on the way to Mettupalayam. This magnificent waterfall is situated inside the Coonoor forest range surrounding by the diversity of nature. This place is one of the most demanding places among tourists decorated by unspoiled and undisturbed nature.


The tourists who are the worshiper of nature would surely fall in love with the beauty and with the surroundings of this waterfall. The name Law’s waterfall remains significant as this is named after Col. Law who had constructed the Coonoor Ghat. Though the waterfall is small in respective of size and water flow it attracts a number of tourists across India.

Bear Shola Waterfalls:

Distance(from Kodaikanal): 3Km

Best Time to Visit: March to October

Stationed at a distance of 2 km from Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Waterfalls is another waterfall highly appreciated by the tourists. In the earlier days, wild bears used to come to this waterfall to drink water, owing to this fact waterfall are known as Bear Shola waterfall.


Bear Shola waterfall is a purely seasonal waterfall. It gets a healthy flow of water during the rainy seasons. This peaceful place is a complete heaven to those who are a nature lover by heart. This waterfall can be accessed very easily as this place is just 3 km from Kodaikanal bus stop. A visit to this place would bring the tourists close to so much various and rare species of wild plants and animals. Tourists and nature lovers are advised not to miss the heavenly beauty of this waterfall with a dense forest having a picturesque backdrop.

Hope, you have gained sufficient knowledge about the Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. If you are residing or touring around the South region, ensure to visit some of the above waterfalls.

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