Today, we celebrate the International Women’s Day! This is yearly observance that has become more of a fad than a day to celebrate the joy and awesomeness of womanhood. However, even in all this had come up there massive elements of genuinity, revolution, and women taking a whole new stance and position with respect to what they can do in the world!

It is true that there is no field that women have not excelled in. There have been inventors, sports persons, executive, national leaders, social activists and even revolutionaries from the feminine gender who have made an evergreen, or probably an ever-pink mark on the society. The field of traveling and Exploration is not an exception to the list of fields that women are taking over by storm. Today, let us look at a few women who have made a massive mark in the field of travel and expiration.

Bachendri Pal:


We, as Indians, would surely have expected this name to be on the top of the list. How can it not be when we can take so much pride in what this woman has achieved?  Bachendri Pal is the first woman to have conquered the 8848m high peak of Mount Everest. To those who might question the difference in the time between Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary doing it, versus Bachendri Pal’s scaling of the peak, it is to be considered that Bachendri Pal had not to conquer only the altitude of the Mount Everest but also the patriarchal and chauvinistic attitude of the Indian men who only thought that women should be confined to the kitchen and should not go out to explore the mountains!

Freya Stark:

Freya Stark is what happens when you combine Tony Stark, Lawrence of Arabia and The Godfather into a woman. Freya Stark was an Italian by birth, but there is no territory in the Middle East that was left and explode by her. Her deployment as a Voluntary Health Aid during the First World War gave her the courage and the platform to explore all what is in the Middle East, ranging right from Lebanon to Afghanistan. The interesting facts here is that she was inspired the travel to the Middle East by the stories written in Arabian Nights. You never know what a book could inspire you to be! When you cannot travel physically, books are the best way to travel wherever you want. Keeping this in mind, Freya Stark has authored too many books that give you a great clips of what the Middle East and the Afghanistan regions are all about.

Octavie Coudreau:


You could not get any points for getting her nationality. As her name implies, she is French. She was born in the year 1870, and she lived on this planet for just 40 years. in this short span of her life, she has carved a Legacy for herself that will not be surpassed.More than an Explorer, she is considered a geographer of much of South America’s Amazon Basin. If today, the Amazonian rainforest fascinate you, and if it has inspired the stories of Indiana Jones and Anaconda, it can all be attributed to the bravery and daring nature of this woman. Her exploration of Amazon was not just for the sake of exploring but rather for finding good water resources for the local farmers. She even lost her husband in this Endeavour, but she never give up her hope and passion to explore. We are looking at a living, breathing example of a strong and independent woman,  with just a tag that she lived more than 100 years ago. The fact that she held the role of the official Explorer for the Government of France is a resounding testimony to the awesomeness that she excludes, and for your information, this role was always reserved for men!

Ann Bancroft:


An exploration is not always about finding uncharted roots, but also about challenging the chartered routes that have been defined as very difficult to encounter. This is precisely what Ann Bancroft accomplished. Ann Bancroft became the first woman to reach the North Pole And the South Pole. Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, she graduated in physical education from the University of Oregon, and later went on to ditch her career in physical education to take up a responsibility of a gym wilderness instructor. Ann Bancroft is almost like the female version of Roald Amundsen. She have numerous records to her credit including but not limited to being the first woman to reach the north pole by foot, being the first woman to reach both the north pole and South Pole, the leader of the first all women’s team to reach the north pole, and the first female to ski across Greenland. To this day, she inspire a lot of women into following their passion even if it means opposing the entire world for it.

Laura Dekker:


Let’s not confine ourselves to the women of the past when it comes to exploration. The women of today are in no way inferior to their thirst and passion to explore. A fine example of this statement is Laura Dekker. She became the youngest person to sail Around The World single-handedly. Braving the Rough Seas And The Monster waves does take a lot of courage, and it seems that Laura Dekker has more than enough of it. She started to sail when she was just 15, and she sailed for a whopping 518 days before she landed at Saint Martins. The sad part here is, even in the year 2009, she had to face a lot of challenges before she embarked on this history-making Voyage of her!

Let us all admit it! That  is a lot that has changed in this world when it comes to women achieving things. Nobody knits there eyelashes to see a woman go the distance and Conquer everything that was one confined to just being a privilege of men. It is to be understood that women innately have a desire to explore, and the exploration only becomes better if she is given the freedom to do whatever she wants in her life. If she were to be provided with the essential support and guidance, there is no limit to what a woman can achieve in the field of travel and Exploration!

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